Kite Safari Boat for rental Egypt

Kite Safari Boat for Rental in Egypt

If you want to come on a kite safari with a group of friends, and your group is big enough, a very interesting option is to rent a private kite safari boat.

There are several advantages to having your own exclusive boat for a kite safari:

  • Cheper per person: if you are more than 15 people, a kite safari will cost per person less than 1000€. And the more you are, the cheaper it is, simply because the cost of the boat is fixed, regardless of the group size.
  • Choose your week: Kite Safaris are typically 8 days / 7 nights trips. You can choose any week you may need throughout the year, and you do not need to follow our kite safari calendar. Normally kite safaris run Saturday to Saturday or Thursday to Thursday trips, but if you have any different need simply contact us.
  • Exclusive trip: every group is unique, and in our regular kite safari we tailor acitivities based on the group’s skill level and wind conditions. In a private trip you can choose where to go, what to do and when – If, for example, your group decides to take a day off from kiting, just let us know , and we’ll adjust the day’s activities accordingly. Our team will be present on board to organize all details of the boat, and will of course suggest you what it’s best to do every day (and where).
  • Same Quality: You will have the same services as in one of our regular kite safari, with 3 meals per day, satellite Internet and our team on board for lessons (included in the price), beach assistance and Yoga.
  • Add What you want: Interested in having a dive master, a massage therapist, or a photographer on board? All these extras (and more) can be arranged; just let us know.
  • No Hidden Costs: all costs and taxes will be included in the price. No surprises, we are an European team located in Egypt and Sick Dog is an European company operating since 2015 with over 100 kite weeks completed during the years.

More questions? It is a complex trip, but that’s why we are here to help you have it organized: just contact us and let’s make it happen this year!

Hope to see you on board,