A kite safari is good for non kiters?

A kite safari is good for non kiters?

The simple answer is yes, there are several activities during a kite safari that will keep a non kiter entertained. So if you are a kiter and you are planning to bring your partner or a friend that doesn’t kite on a trip, no worries – he or she will have a great time on board. Let’s get more into details on what can be done during a kite safari for non kiters. Keep in mind that most activities for non kiters are low wind activities – that means that some activities are only recommended when it’s low wind.


The water in the Red Sea is turquoise, clean and beautiful, so it’s always a good idea to go for a swim from the boat to the beach or just by the beach, with your snorkel and mask or without. In low wind days, we go and visit great reefs, with beautiful scenery and great marine life.


In low wind days, water is really flat and wakeboarding and wake foiling is a real pleasure. It’s a simple but intense and fun activity, good for everyone.

Stand up paddle

While we wakeboard and snorkel, the conditions are great to explore and stroll around with a stand up paddle.


If we have a dive guide on board, it’s possible to dive in Egypt, with or without a dive license (in such case you will simply do what is called a Discovery Dive (or DSD).

Chilling by the beach

Everytime we kite, we go to the beach – a non kiter of course can join us, have a swim and just tan and be with us on the beach. Not everyone kite all the time, and on the beach we have drinks and snacks to keep us ready for our next kite session!

Enjoy the yacht

The boat is always ready for anyone that needs a break from kiting – drinks, snacks, music and satellite Starlink internet are available all day long.

We had in the past many non kiters on board, and it always was a fun trip for them – my personal recommendation is not to worry too much, if you come with good energy, it will be a great trip for all!