What is the best time of the year to kitesurf in egypt?

What is the best time of the year to kitesurf in egypt?

The peak season in Egypt for kitesurfing is from May till September included: statistically these are the windiest months, with an average of 75% of windy days. This is the reason why we run our kitesurf safari during this time of the year. Said so, let’s dig a bit deeper into the the kite best kitesurfing months of Egypt.

May to September

Statistically these are the months to go to Egypt, water is warm, wind are blowing (although not guaranteed). You are having a good time on the coast and during our kite cruises (and if you look info a one of a kind kitesurfing adventure, a kite safari with us could be what you are looking for).

March and April

Also good months, but only at sea: and that’s where our kite cruises take places, in the Red Sea and not on the coast of Egypt. This is important to point out: the wind at sea is always better and stronger than at land. That’s why we visit kite spots like Tawila, Geisum and Ashrafi – far away from the coast and northern than classic coastal kite spots like El Gouna or Hurghada.

October and November

See above. October and November are comparable to April and March. Being at sea is the key for a successfull (windy) kitesurfing holidays. So go for it, if these months are when you have time to go kite.

What about the other months?

Not reccomended. We organize kite cruises for New Year’s Eve every year, but we always mixed them up with diving, cause we know that statistically we are going to hit a few no windy days.

Check the forecast (if you can)

If your job lets you, you can plan your kite holiday last second by checking the forecast 3/4 days before travelling. If you want my opinion on it, just contact me and I will tell you what I think about the upcoming week. I’m great at reading wind forecast in Egypt and predict what will happen in different areas of the sea or of the coast.