Cheap Kitesurfing Equipment – it’s not going to be easy

Cheap Kitesurfing Equipment – it’s not going to be easy

I woke up this morning and I sat down on my computer to work. It’s winter time, and winter is when I start focusing on the new kiting season in Egypt and my 2021 kite cruises in Egypt. But it’s morning, so before I get into things, I always like to check on facebook things (not really sure why I open facebook these days). And I saw a post of a guy who was selling a (beautiful) but used 5 times twin tip for 750€ (pads included, thanks god). 750€ for what is fundamentally a piece of wood.

There were two options:

  1. This guy is insane.
  2. The price of this board new is more than 750€, so he is not completely insane, he is charging less than the new price.

Has the kitesurfing industry gone too far? I paid for my first board, a fat beginner board, 250€ very used (bad deal, but whatever). I sold it for 150€ (honest), and got me a brand new top of the line north twin tip at 450€, that I sold a few years later for 300€ (it had some scratches). 750€ used to be the price of a kite, not of a board. 750€ is almost the price of a cheap kite safari! And of course is not only a board problem. A guy was selling a never used North Click bar on facebook (so not from a shop, no guarantee) for 550€. So we are talking 750€ plus 550€ = 1300€ and I don’t even have a kite! Add easily 1000€ for a kite and 200€ for a (cheap at this point) harness (but can be way more expensive), and we have a whooping 2500€.

Why is this happening?

I’ve honestly no idea. There are so many kite brands that one would think: more competition, cheaper equipment. But no, somehow the brands, in a moment of mutual but I assume silent agreement, managed to keep the price super high. And the trend is not slowing down.

Buy or rent a kite?

At this point i’m not sure anymore, so let’s try to make some calculations and see… Definitely do not go on a website and buy premium kitesurf equipment, just check online how much this year equipment costs, it’s crazy. So without following the hype of the new product, this is how I would get my kite gear if I would not have any, today.

My suggestion is to get a brand new harness and a used board. The harness needs to be a perfect fit, and it’s too personal – you need it new. 150€ and you are good. Don’t buy it online, you need to try it on. The board 100% used. Search online for good deals, or go to a kite school and ask them. The pads need to be in good shape in a used board, so keep that in mind. And try the board before you buy if possibile, you need to feel it right. If it is your first board, go cheap and buy a board for beginners. It won’t be expensive and you can resell it easily (like I did). 250€ should be your budget.

For the kite and the bar, it really depends – you can find good deals online, maybe kites that are new but 2/3 years old or kites that are even more recent but slightly used (10 times max). If it is your first kite, buy the kite from a friend, and always try it first – you need to like it. 800€ I think it is a reasonable price. Buying a used kite can be tricky, so be careful and ask for help from more seasoned friends.

So as you see, we can have a kite set for 1200€. But still, does it make sense? It depends a little on how much you kite, but if you are serious about kiting and you plan to kite at least 2/3 weeks a year, then it’s more economical to have your own set. Rental can be very expensive.

That’s it, now back to work, and hope to see you in the water!



P.S. In the picture you can see me riding one of my favorite board and best deal i’ve ever made – I got this Nobile prototype from Mike “the knife” Blomvall, a swedish prorider, 10 years ago, for 300€. Used just a few times, it is still perfect in the water and a lot of fun!