Kitesurfing Cruise for Digital Nomads?

Kitesurfing Cruise for digital nomads?

For many years internet used to be terrible in our kite cruises in the Red Sea. Not only it was pretty much impossible to make calls, but also regular whatsapp messages would take hours to be delivered. This was making life hard for anyone that wants to enjoy a kite holiday but needs to be connected to the world for work, even if for 30 minutes per day. And i’m one of those people.

But finally we have a solution: I’ve tested it and it works perfectly: the new Starlink system developed by SpaceX, the company founded by Elon Musk. Perfect connection in all Red Sea, reasonable costs, youtube videos, video calls: and don’t forget that we are more than 20 connected at the same time on the boat!

So yeah, very happy with this new system, so I can finally tell to my digital nomads friends that yes: it is possible to spend a week on a kite safari and work at the same time. We have plenty of space on board, tables, drinks and coffee, a fast internet, fun people for a chat and the kite spots literally hundreds of meters away.