Kitesurfing holidays for solo travellers? A kite cruise could be a good idea…

Kitesurfing holidays for solo travellers?

When all you want to do is kitesurfing during your holidays, it can be hard to find a friend or a partner to join you on a kiting destination. If you have some time off and you want to do a kitesurfing holiday alone, you can be a bit timid at first: where to go and have fun? Ideally a place where you can kite a lot (of course) but with the chance of meeting some other kiters to have a drink or a dinner after your kite sessions.

A kitesurfing cruise is a great holiday for single travellers, and I say that not only because I organize them, I truly believe it – a kitesurfing cruise is a lot of fun if you come by yourself.

You will be travelling with a group of 20 other kiters (the boat can fit up to 22) and our Sick Dog team, – most of our kiters are singles, small group of friends and couples. The official language on board is English and after a few hours even if you come alone, the atmosphere is just right. And by the end of the week, the group moves, kites, eats & parties as one entity. Hard to explain if you never went on a kitesurfing cruise in Egypt with us. Imagine going on a camp trip a week long on a mountain, doing your favorite sport, with a group of people that loves it too. That’s it.

The boat is cozy and comfortable, with a lot of space to meet others and a lot of space to be on your own. We have also non kiters on board sometimes, and it works well for them too: reading a book, listening to music, swimming, enjoying the kite beach and the lagoons, and after kite a drink on the main deck at sunset, wakeboard, stand up paddle and snorkeling, and the list goes on…

If you want to join us, check our calendar with our updated kitesurfing weeks in the Red Sea this year, and hope to see you on board!