Top 10 Kitesurfing destinations

Top 10 Kitesurfing destinations

I’ve decided to give my input on my favorite 10 kitesurfing destinations in the world. I ranked this not only with kitesurfing in mind, but I considered also the general vibe, how expensive it is, and in general how much fun I had. My list is very personal, but at the end of the day, it is my list.

We will start with number 10, just to keep the mystery on which will be number 1 till the end. And of course, sooner or later it will appear Egypt, the place where we organize our Kitesurf Safari.

10. Spain. Tarifa. Many will be surprised to see Tarifa not in a better position, but i’m not too much in love with the town, and the Mediterranean sea is actually cold also in August (and I don’t love too much cold waters). But i’ve been only to Valdevaqueros beach, and I was not impressed – I will need to come back to find out more about this place.

9. Philippines. Boracay, a small island in the Philippines. I’ve many friends in love with that place. Again, i’m not – overcrowded and too flat for my taste, I couldn’t feel the right vibe. But again, many people love it, so you need to go to Boracay once in a lifetime (just try to avoid super high season).

8. Vietnam. Mui Ne. What a strange place. there is one road, from one side the sea full of kitesurfing school, from the other hotels and houses. I think Vietnam is better for a road trip rather then for a kite trip. I will not come back.

7. Italy. Stagnone. A flat lagoon, a bit crowded but fun – I’ve never been there but i’ve been invited several time from my friend Gabor, who works in Stagnone with his own kite school. He promised it will be fun, and that I will love the vibe and the kitesurfing bits too. And the food. He sent me a few videos and I was hooked – it is in the plan (I promise).

6. Egypt. El Gouna. I love kiting in Egypt, especially in the little town of El Gouna, where most of my friends are. The vibe is chilled and fun, the town is chilled and fun as well, and the kiting is consistent, with good winds, flat waters, plenty of space.

5. South Africa. Cape Town. Another place in my list of places I need to visit and kitesurf. Cape Town is world famous for the great vibe, and the kitesurfing, according to the videos, seem really intense. I need to go and check it by myself, cause it may be a little too intense (and too sharky?).

4. Indonesia. Next time I will go to Mauritius, I will continue my trip to Indonesia to chase the best waves this place has to offer. It will be a pure 100% wave kiting trip, but it will be an adventure, cause information about waves in Indonesia are scarce, and it seems you need to be really lucky to score some good ones there.

3. Egypt. Red Sea. This is the place I’ve chosen to develop Sick Dog and to organize kite cruises. Egypt is a perfect place for a kite safari, we go explore with a luxury motor yacht the best lagoons and sand banks of the Red Sea, and we do this trip from March till November, when the conditions are best. Contact us if you want to join us in one of these adventures!

2. Mauritius. To be exact Le Morne, but not the lagoon with flat water (that is mostly over crowded, but the beautiful waves that are just out of the channel, Manawa and the world famous One Eye. For a wave kiter like me, this is paradise.

1. Cape Verde. Sal Island to be precise, cause Cape Verde has 9 islands. Placed in the middle of the Atlantic Sea, Sal island is a paradise for kitesurf lovers, and it is the home of several world champions in the past decade. Vibrant night life and wind pretty much guaranteed during winter, make it my favorite winter destination.

Did I forget something? Did I make some big mistakes? Send me an email to let me know!