Kite Cruise in Egypt – Why yes and Why no

Kite Cruise in Egypt – Why yes and Why no

Which are the pros and cons to come on a kite safari in Egypt? Is a kite cruise with Sick Dog the right choice for you? Let’s go more in details on why you should choose a kite safari with us (and why not), keeping in mind that the pros will greatly overwhelm the cons. After all, what we do is kitesurfing, and what we do is organizing kite safari – we do believe in what we do, and we do it cause we think it’s a kitesurfing experience anyone should do, at least once in a lifetime.


It’s a very intensive Kitesurfing adventure: pretty much all our kiters want to kite as much as possible, to progress as much as possible. We include lessons at all levels, to make sure everyone will progress.

The price is right: 8 days and 7 nights on board, with food and drinks included, will cost you pretty much as a room in a hotel plus food.

The yacht is nicer than you think: it’s true, our boat has no jacuzzi on board, but it’s comfortable, spacious, and with great food. You will be surprised.

Incredible kite spots: the spots you will visit during a kite safari can be seen only during a kite safari.

Better wind conditions: where we go kite, the wind is much stronger than at land in Egypt. A bad wind week at land in Egypt is normally an ok wind week during a kite safari.

Meeting new people, making new friends: this is a part of the experience. Meeting new kiters from all over the world (and meeting our team) is fun, I promise.


Honestly it’s not easy to figure out why for a kiter is not a good idea to come on a kite safari.

Exploring Egypt: obviously if you are on a boat you will have not much time to see the rest of the country. A week on a boat could be too long, if you plan to visit Cairo or Luxor (or both). In such case, a 3 days trip to El Gouna is probably best for you.

Hope to see you guys on board anytime soon!