Tawila Island Kitesurfing – all there is to know

Tawila Island Kitesurfing – all there is to know

I’ve been going kiting in Tawila with our yacht during our kite safari all this 2023, and I’ve now a clear idea on what is happening in that island in terms of fees and facilities.

Let’s start with a fact: Tawila is beautiful for kitesurfing, and a must see kite spot during our kite safari, but only if the conditions are right. When there is a lot of wind (25knots and more) Tawila is the place to go, cause the wind gets a bit lighter than in Geisum or Ashrafi.

Let’s continue with another fact: Tawila is not free of charge for kiters. All kiters need to pay 25USD to kite in Tawila to the management of Tawila island. It is worth it? Absolutely yes.

What tawila offers for this 25USD? Perfect wind condition, a long sandy beach, a beautiful lagoon and a lot of space to kite. Paulina also found a wooden platform and did a few yoga sessions there (check our IG for pictures of it in our sticky stories “KITE & YOGA”).

Many people asks me: what is that wooden construction in Tawila?

In Tawila there is a luxury hotel (built 1km upwind of our lagoon) and a kite school in construction. It seems abandoned but i’m positive one day will be operative. There are umbrellas and a lot of shade, the yoga platform I mentioned above, and sometimes we make smalll sunset parties after kiting on the beach.

We love kiting in Tawila, and most of the time we perform a downwinder from Geisum to Tawila with our intermediate kiters. It’s a 2h downwinder not too challenging, but not super easy. A lot of sun, and cute little waves to gently take you to the spot. And once you are there, you are happy, tired, and amazed by the beauty of the spot.

Hope to see you on board this year and to kite with you in Tawila!