New partnership with SU-2 Boards

New partnership with SU-2 Boards

Leave your board at home – use an SU-2 Board for free during one of our kite safaris!

This year we decided to do something to make the life of our kiters a bit easier: it’s as simple as that, you can travel to Egypt without your board, and you will use a SU-2 board for free during our kite safari.

We know it can be expensive to travel with kiteboards – while kites are easy to pack and most airlines charges no extra cost (if you pack them right and mix them with clothes for example), it all changes when it’s time to check in a board, cause boards are big and the luggage gets then labelled as «sport luggage» (and that comes at an extra cost). From here comes a simple idea (not my idea, Kasia Jaworska’s idea, SU-2 Pro rider and SU-2 Marketing expert) – leave your board at home, and use one of our SU-2 instead. You will be happy riding a great board saving some money on airplane fees, and SU-2 will be happy with an happy kiter that one day may buy one of SU-2 boards.

How to get started?

It’s again simple: just contact me and let me know when is your kite safari with us – we will reserve a board for you! We obviously don’t have an unlimited board supply, so let us know as soon as you can…

Can’t wait to see you on the water with an SU-2 Board, and for more info visit: