Where to Kitesurf in November

Where to Kitesurf in November

Winter is coming. And as October is almost ending, this means not too much kitesurfing left in Europe – let’s have a look where we can go kite this November, i’ve made my personal top 6 for kitesurfing spots this November. Keep in mind that I do like to go always to the same places, cause if I find a place that I like, I stick to it!


There is an obvious number 1 for me: Cape Verde is reopening its borders, this means that this is the perfect time to snatch a cheap flight to Sal and chase the perfect wind machine that this island offers in Winter. This will be my personal winter destination, but from January. Also keep in mind: I don’t expect too many people on the kite spots, so there are really no excuses – pack your bag and come! So what is next on my list?


Still good to kite in Egypt in November, sometimes I organize some Kite & Dive Cruise this month – this means kiting when the wind is good, and diving when the wind is less consistent. This way I can get the best of the two worlds…In the picture above you can see us in a kite safari @Tawila, one of the best kite spot in the Red Sea – as you can see we have wetsuits as the waters are not that warm in winter (but still, nothing compared to the ocean or the Mediterranean in winter, as the Red Sea is still the warmest sea in the world). If you want to join for a kite cruise or a Kite & Dive n Egypt, just contact us.


Looking for a wind machine? Head north of Fortaleza and check Cumbuco – it offers super flat lagoons and a fun wavy ocean. You can have downwinders or action packed days in the lagoons, or just chill in a posada between kiting days. Life doesn’t get much better than this.


Still good kiting in Tarifa, but not as great as during the summer of course. But if you have a long weekend and you can find a good flight, why not? Better of course to check the forecast in advance, because you don’t want to go to Tarifa and end up having rainy no wind days. Worst case scenario, the town is pretty and fun and you will find some action there, if not on the water.


A wild spot, blessed by strong winds and warm weather. But similar to Tarifa, wind is far from guaranteed. Still the same applies – check the forecast, pack your bag (if it makes sense) and go. If it blows, be prepared for a kitesurfing adventure though, cause the ocean is wavy and the wind is strong. Pack small kites.


Winter in Europe means that in the southern emisphere it’s summer. That’s why many pros head to Cape Town for Winter. I don’t. Waters are cold, conditions are harsch. Still this town needs to be on my list – one day I will come visit, but won’t pack any kites, I will simply go to South Africa and rent a kite and a surf board if I find a proper wave kite spot.

Let me know on our instagram where you like to go kitesurfing in November, and hope to see you in the water!