Which are the best months to kitesurf in Egypt

Which are the best months to kitesurf in Egypt

I get these questions every week:

„How many chances do we have to have a good windy week? „

„Is April a good month for kitesurfing in Egypt?”

„I read on many sites that in September the wind is not good in Egypt! Is it ok to come on one of your kite cruises in September?”

„My friends decided not to come cause the wind is not good in October, what is your opinion about it?”

„How Much wind there is in Egypt?”

Here is my opinion on this, based of 10 years (way too long) living & kiting in this country.

In Egypt you can have low wind day (0-10 knots), average days 10-15 knots, good days 15-20 knots and great days 20 days and more.

BUT, wind in Egypt is not guaranteed, any month of the year. Egypt is a very windy place with an average of 70% of windy days (average, good and great days) during the year (with the remaining 30% of the days being low wind days).

But how are normally distributed these windy days in the different months? And should we trust this distribution? Let’s see this table below:

As you can see, the more we move into the summer, the better are the chances of hitting a windy day. But again, nothing is guaranteed: you can have an average week in July and a great week in April.

And also, never forget: in the middle of the Red Sea, the wind is sensibly stronger than at land: so a low wind day in El Gouna is an average day in the Red Sea, while a good day in El Gouna is a great day in the Red Sea. Obiously a terrible day in El Gouna is a bad day in the Red Sea, don’t get me wrong, we have very low wind days sometimes during our kitesurfing cruises and it can happen we don’t kite.

Let’s have a look at the months more into details:

January and February – Locals tend to avoid the Red Sea, simply because it is cold! Why kiting when it’s cold, when you have the rest of the year (much warmer) to kitesurf in Egypt? Also the wind in these months tend to be a bit gusty and weaker than the rest of the year, and the % of windy day is the lowest in the year, that’s why most locals travel to other countries (I personally go back to Italy and kite in Cape Verde for example).

March – In March the situation improves: it gets much warmer and the % of wind in March is defenitly higher than in the beginning of the year. I still avoid kiting and I personally don’t organize kitesurfing cruises this month.

April – This is a good month to get started, a wetsuit is still needed but it’s not that cold. I organize several kitecruises this month.

May and June – Great months for kitesurfing in Egypt and for a kite safari. A top neoprene is all you will be needing, and the % of wind is really high.

July and August – People think that these months are too hot for Egypt. While this is true for big cities like Luxor or Cairo, in the middle of the Red Sea we will be blessed with strong winds, dry climate, and a lot of kiting without wetsuits. These are my favorite months to kite in Egypt.

September and October – The same as in May and June, great time for kiting, great time for a kite safari.

November – Wetsuit is needed, wind % is lower: normally we dedicated this trips to our Kite & Dive cruises, or to our Kite & Yoga cruises, to make sure that in a low wind day we have activities. And of course November is great for Foilers and Wingers!

December – Not as cold as in January, we organize during New Year week a kite & dive cruise, and that is the last trip of the season!

That’s it basically. My suggestion is to choose the months that better fit your holiday needs. Wind is not guaranteed, and this is valid not only for Egypt, but also for the rest of the world (with some exceptions, like Cape Verde in Winter for example). And if you are a few days away from your kite safari with us and you are not sure which kites to bring, text me and we will check the forecast together and see which kites are best to bring…

Hope to see you in the water soon!