Did you check our new shop?

Cause we do not do only kite cruises and kite safaris! Yeah, for the ones who came before on our boat, this is not a surprise — we always have cool shirts and hoodies for sale on our trips. But now we decided to go to the next lever…

We created a fully functional webshop for kite t shirts, hoodies and sweater where you can find kite shirts, hoodies, sweaters, and anything else that we will decide to create, from Kiters to Kiters (that is our motto).

So yeah, that’s what I did this summer, while I was locked down for Corona… Unluckly we had to postpone our April/May/June trips, but I kept myself busy, so for anyone that will join one of our kite safari in Egypt this year (we start back in September!), there will be a brand new shirts and hoodies collection to check! And if I won’t see you on board, just check us out online…