How much wind there is in Egypt?

How windy is Egypt?

We all know that it is an hassle to bring kitesurfing equipment on a flight, that’s why it is smart to pack only the kite gear that you are going to use. But what to bring? How windy is Egypt? Which kite should I bring on the boat?

The answer is: it depends!

I’ve seen 10 knots (or lower) days at sea, i’ve seen 35 knots days at sea – that’s why it is super important to check the wind forecast 1 week/3 days before your kitesurfing cruise, to make sure you avoid bringing kites that you will not need on the boat. Or simply send me a text, and so we can help you out make the right decision, cause the wind in the middle of the Red Sea is always stronger than at land, so you may make a mistake while reading a standard wind guru forecast for El Gouna or Hurghada.

Hope to see you on board this year!