Where to Kite in July

Where to Kite in July

There are many places to kite during July, Europe is the logical choice for a cheap and hot kitesurfing trip, but other continents can be interesting too… let’s see which are my favorite destinations for kitesurfing in July:

  1. Sicily – Lo Stagnone is the logical choice for a kiting oriented trip, a huge lagoon incredibly flat with perfect conditions for beginners and advanced alike. Ok, it’s busy during the summer, but it’s worth a visit. And don’t forget all the extra non kiting activities that Sicily can offer. Recommended.
  2. Greece – Rhodes has been on my kiting list for a long time, and that’s I think it’s the year I will go visit. Apparently there are two spots, at different sides of the island, and this variety is interesting, making it possible to kite in different conditions (and more importantly with different forecasts). Exciting.
  3. Mauritius – One Eye and Manawa – these waves at Le Morne are on my bucket list. I was there kiting years ago, but I went in October, and found out that Summer is the time to go for better chances of wind. Won’t make the same mistake twice… One day I will be back.
  4. Italian Lakes – just a few hours away from my home in Milan, italian lakes attract italian and foreign kiters alike, with their beautiful landscapes and good wind conditions. There are tons of kite schools ready to help you out, just a bit crowded maybe but for sure worth a visit.
  5. Egypt – Kite Safari is maybe a surprise entry, but it does make a lot of sense to kite in Egypt during the summer. Great chances of wind, and not many people around (cause most people stay in Europe to kite, understandably). We run many kite safaris during the summer, that means no wetsuits and empty kite spots. It’s a good time to join us for a trip.
  6. Spain – Tarifa probably was a few years ago higher on my list, but I need to reconsider. Too crowded and bad wind. At this point I don’t see myself going to Spain to kite, but I must admit that it is practical (especially for spanish people).

Hope to see you in the water this Summer!