Where to Kitesurf in August
8 月

Where to Kitesurf in August

August means Summer and holidays for the whole northern emisphere, and there are a lot of locations, probably not that far from home, where it is great to kite. I place here my favorite 5, the more I explore the more I will change my list, so keep an eye on this page… Said so, let’s go with my top 5 where to kite in August:

  1. Egypt, Kite Safari. My Top favorite has to be Egypt. Not only because we run kite safari pretty much all the month, but because it’s hot, dry and windy. Very windy. The perfect combination giving you a reason to escape a city during August. I can promise you that August on a boat is much much better than August in Milan or any other European town that are not by the sea
  2. Italy, Lo Stagnone. Tested Sicily this July, and didn’t disappoint. Never seen anything so flat, wind is of course not guaranteed (but it never is) but I loved the energy (I was at Followthewind Kite School, google it if you want to head there). I had a massive day kiting and the water was like butter. Nice vibes also after kiting all around, great food and italian wine. What else?
  3. Mauritius, Le Morne. I’m a wave rider, and one of the places I want to go during the windy but rainy summer days is Le Morne. But I’m always so busy… As I said, it is a bit off season, rainy, but it’s better for kiting, windier. Maybe next year? And don’t forget that Le Morne offers also a big flat lagoon for twin tip riders.
  4. Spain, Tarifa. Not my favorite spot, but how can’t I mention Tarifa? It gets crazy busy though, sure you want to go there kiting? Of course the town is nice, so it is a good place if you want to go kite with someone that is not kiting.
  5. Italy, Porto Pollo. Sardinia may not be the best place to kite, but it’s very windy. I’m not sure why the beautiful huge flat lagoon is exclusive to windsurfers and wing foilers only, while kiters are in the pretty and big but crazy choppy waters of the second lagoon. Sardinia is beautiful, so I can reccomend visiting the island and dedicate a few days kitesurfing, but if you want an intensive kiting week, look elsewhere…

That’s it for me, if you have any suggestions, let me know as usual!

Ciao and hope to see you on board!