Kite Spots – Where to kite in Egypt

Kite Spots – Where to kite in Egypt

If you are planning for a kitesurfing holidays, you are in the right place – i’ve been in Egypt for quite some years, and i’ve been around the country checking many kitesurfing spots in this sunny land. So I kind of feel ready to tell you a bit more about where to kite in Egypt.

First of all, a bit more about Egypt. Wind is constant here, with 70% of windy days a year – 99% sunny days a year (it literally rains one day per year), the warmest waters (the Red Sea is the warmest sea on Earth, google it if you don’t believe it ;), and a very low cost of living and it’s no wonder this has become a prime destination for kitesurf lovers. But where to go kiting in Egypt?

Let’s divide for simplicity Egypt in 3 main regions – the Red Sea area, the Sinai area, and Ras Sudr area.


The starting point of any kiting holiday in the Red Sea is Hurghada international airport. There are a few schools in Hurghada, but these days Hurghada is not a top destination in itself for kiting – to do the sport we love, we will need to go a little bit further north or south.

North you will find, at 30km, the beautiful little town of El Gouna. Not only the kitesurfing is great at Mangroovy beach, but you won’t be disappointed by its vibrant night life. Just be careful not to party too hard, cause the day after is probably windy. At Mangroovy beach you will find great kite schools like Element or Makani, or independent kitesurfing schools like us Sick Dog, that organize their own kitesurf camps in Egypt.

South of Hurghada you will find Soma Bay. The vibe is totally different. Soma bay is the place for all inclusive hotels, with nothing to do at night but checking tomorrow wind forecast. The kitesurfing is great though, and it is sensibly warmer than El Gouna, so a good choice anyway. Head to Surf Motion for some great kitesurfing action in their bay, just be careful and stay away from windsurfers!


There is one place i’ve been hearing a lot about, but i’ve neever been – Dahab. One hour taxi ride from Sharm El Sheik airport, it is a remote kitesurfing destination, with a strong hippy vibe. If you love watersports, especially the windy ones, and you want to try one of my favorite activities, free diving, Dahab is the place to go. If you are on a budget, that’s the place to go, but don’t expect anything fancy. I’ve heard that recently Max Piona opened a new Dahab center called Pro Center, that would be the place for me to check if I travel there.


One hour away from Cairo airport, Ras Sudr is the spot of choice for local riders that want to escape the crowds of their Capital for the weekend. While this is a great idea for them, I don’t really recommend going to Ras Sudr these days, unless you are an expat living in Cairo – if you need to fly and kite to Egypt, better choose Red Sea or Sinai, cause i’ve been to Ras Sudr and it’s honestly nothing special. Can’t even remember where I went kiting there…


If you want to do something a bit different than the usual Hotel-Kite school-Hotel routine, you should have a look at our kitesurfing cruises – it’s a one week all inclusive kitesurfing adventure, using our luxury boat to check the best kitesurfing spots in the Red Sea, a once in a lifetime experience. Check our kite safari page for our departure dates and more info on this (awesome) trip.