Gubal Kite Spot

Gubal Kite Spot

Gubal island is the kite spot we use when the wind is weak. We head to Gubal when we feel that we won’t be kitesurfing that day – sometimes in the Red Sea the wind is weak and in such cases we prefer to head to a spot like Gubal, where you can find a beautiful reef to snorkel and dive, where you can wakeboard where there is a gorgeous beach to rest and chill.

Said that, If there is a bit of wind and you are a kite foiler, it’s possible to kite in Gubal. 


In Gubal we always depart from the boat – therefore the wind, considering the boat as our launching and landing spot, is always off-shore. We prepare our kites on the boat and launch one kite at a time., cause the reef makes it impossible to kite close to the beach (unless you are a very advanced rider).

In a standard Gubal day, we normally try to have in the water 4/5 kites maximum – it’s too complex and too time consuming to launch 20 kiters from the boat. But most of the time, the wind is so weak that nobody is in the water.


Advanced and intermediates kiters, with our help, will launch and land from the boat. We expect weak wind in Gubal (as explained above) so only kite foilers and wingers normally kite & wind in Gubal. If the wind picks up, everyone will kite – but (as explained above) we don’t let more than 4/5 kites in the water – the reef can create problems to intermediates riders, so for safety reason, we need to put some restrictions.

Students will not kite in Gubal. We are in Gubal because the forecast is bad, and only expert can handle bad wind conditions. On top of that, the reef would make training in Gubal too dangerous. Students can study kite-theory online, check youtube training, videos and do some kitesurf videoanalysis with our instructors.


This is where Gubal does its best. We always do some nice parties on the beach in Gubal, and also Sunset yoga is possible. You won’t be disappointed by the beauty of this spot.


Sometimes dolphins join us during our exploration of the island – be ready with our snorkeling gear to jump in the water!