We are a unique Kitesurfing Team

Giving you something unique is what we aim for

What we are Made of

We are passionate about kitesurfing, we are an experienced and qualified group of people and friends that decided to spread their love to this sport to you guys. We come from different countries, we are reliable and full of energy. We like to think we are doing something new and unique in the kitesurfing world, and we feel that our kitesurfing cruises are indeed a one of a kind experience in the world of kitesurfing.

Roberto Primi - Sick Dog
Roberto Primi
Kiter / Kitespot Guru / Instructor

Italian kitesurfer and kite tour leader, 10 years experience.

Gaz Hanford
Big instructor Boss / Music Master

The most experienced of our team – he used to manage one of most succesful Watersport center in Egypt, Colona Watersports.

Mery Frackowiak
Boat Leader

This one means business. Polish rider, a strong leader for our boat, managing all activities on the boat and solving problems with a smile.


A great musician and one of the best foreign riders in Egypt, super experienced and one of our best guys!

Viktoria Laufer
IKO instructor 
IKO Instructor and life coach, she likes to travel and she will be in charge of our beginner kiters.
Bella Matykievicz
Freestyle & Advanced Riders Coach
Bella is one of the best all rounded kitesurfer in Poland, expert in stylish old school manouvers.
Paulina Trusewicz
Instructor / Stretching Leader

Paulina will take care of our beginner students and of our bodies before and after our kite sessions. A very much needed help on our kite cruises!

Marina Storm
Kitesurf instructor 
Marina has more kite safari under her belt than any of us! Really experienced kitesurfer, born and raised in Russia, she spends her summers in Egypt and winters in Vietnam, kiting and teaching .
IMG_1876 (1)
Lilly Richardson
IKO certified instructor / Yoga instructor
Lilly has been teaching Yoga for 11 years in London and around the world. Now combining her passion for teaching and kitesurfing, she is also an IKO certified kite instructor.
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Sophie Ayoub
Kitesurf instructor 
Part of Kite Tribe team, Sophie is a crucial part of our team, with her energy and her skills on and off the boat.
Screenshot 2021-12-17 at 20.05.08
IKO certified instructor 
Anna has lived and kitesurfed for 5 years in Cuba before joining us in Egypt. She can speak English, Spanish and Russian, her country of origin.  
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Kasia Jaworska
Prorider IKO instructor 
Experienced IKO Instructor and prorider, she will be in charge of our kite clinics. Sponsored by Ozone Kites & SU2.

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