What to bring for a kitesurfing safari in Egypt

What to bring for a kitesurfing safari in Egypt

I write this short article to point out a few fundamental items that any kiters should bring for a kite cruise in Egypt. I’ve been organizing kitesurfing safari for many years, so for me most of these items are so logical that I do forget sometimes to mention them to my kiters: as a result, sometimes they come on board unprepared. So let’s do it:

  • Sun Cream – Egypt is sunny all the time, and the sun can be strong in Egypt. Protect yourself.
  • Cap – Same reason as above, consider bringing a cap even if you don’t wear it usually. It helps when you are on the beach and not kiting.
  • Sunglasses – I don’t recommend using sunglasses while kitesurfing (they get lost at the first crash if they are not properly secured) but don’t forget them at home (please), since Egypt is sunny and you need to be protected.
  • Wetsuits and Lycra – After Covid we do not have anymore wetsuits or lycras for rent. Come prepared, or you may end up kitesurfing in a t-shirt (that is actually what I do during summer).
  • Watershoes – these are fundamental for full beginners and waterstarters, and I reccommend also expert kiters to bring a pair and then evaluate yourself. Good riders won’t need shoes, but better have a pair in any case. While the beaches and the sea is mainly sand, you need to be a bit careful where you step, and if you plan on walking a lot with your kite then absolutely bring shoes.
  • Spare parts for your kite gear – I can repair most things on board, but it is better if you have some extra repair kit. Glue, connecting tubes: you can ask your kite school and come on the boat prepared with a bit of spare parts.
  • Drinks – we have beer and wine on board, but if you want to bring anything else, you are welcome.
  • Anything that may be important for you – Lactose free milk? Gluten free bread? Shampoo? I count on you to bring on board what you feel you may need or like to have.

That’s it pretty much, if you feel I forgot something, just send me a message and I will update this article 😉

Ciao and hope to see you on board