Salty Lemon – All there is to know

Salty Lemon – All there is to know

When you are relatively new to kitesurfing, and when you realize that it’s time to get serious about it, you will figure out that you need to get your own kitesurfing material. You basically have two options:

  • Buy your own kite. Kitesurfing is an expensive sport, just check online any webshop selling kitesurfing gear and you will be shocked at how much it costs to have a kite, a bar, a harness and a board. If you want to buy everything new, it will be expensive. Very expensive.
  • Rent kites. For sure cheaper than buying your own gear, but does it make sense to rent every time you go kiting? With prices from 50€ to 70€ PER DAY, it gets expensive very quickly.

But i’ve recently came across a third option, that intrigued me. Salty Lemon has developed something kind of unique: with a practical subscription system, you will have your kite gear sent to your home, and you will be able to use it as you please, where you please. They have 1 months to 2 years subscription – you will have modern kite gear in great shape, completed with an insurance covering damages. It’s a sort of long-term rental system, with some added benefits that we are going to check in a second.

The Benefits

You will always have the latest kite gear, in great condition. You will have the chance to change your gear if you want to try different models.

Flexibility – you can make your own package, checking what they call the Salty Lemon Calculator and figure out if what they offer makes sense for you. You can have kites and boards – check what they offer and create your own personalized kite package.

Insurance – the equipment is insured, so don’t worry about damages or accidents. Your gear is covered.

Convenience – with the Salty Lemon’s SWAP option you have the possibility of changing your gear according to your needs. It’s a great idea and it lets you try different kites and different setups, till you find the one that really matches your style.

My suggestion is to talk to them – check their website, use their Salty Calculator to figure out which package may be better for you, explore the alternatives, get all the info you need direcly from them (you can even book a free of charge consultation with them), then decide.

It is something unique, and I’m personally very curious to see how Salty Lemon will develop in the future.