• Sick Dog Surf is a group of friends who decided to use their experience to create a simple & fun way kitesurfing adventure in the Red Sea!

    Our team have a wealth of experience in Kiting and organizing kite trips. as well as a healthy background in the tourism industry.
  • We organize Kite Cruises in the Red Sea (we call them Kite safaris) – fully equipped, luxury boats to explore the amazing conditions that kitesurfing has to offer in the Red Sea.

    We also teach kitesurfing during our kite cruises, from complete beginners to those wanting to improve their skills with tricks and advanced maneuvers. Our team includes certified IKO & VDWS instructors.

  • Safety first, but also fun!

    We’ve seen it all when it comes to kiting, with literally thousands of students taught over the years! From all corners of the globe and all ages, shapes and sizes!

    So join us to learn this fantastic sport in a safe and controlled environment.

  • We’re mostly based in the Egyptian town of Hurghada on the Red Sea, one of the regions most popular spots for Kitesurfing. It is from here that all our kitesurfing boat trips starts!

    The beauty of Egypt is that we can Kite almost all year round so it’s great for some winter sun! Our safaris explore the northern islands of the Red Sea, proving a different adventure each day!


July 6th - 13thNew Regency1000€
July 20th - 27thNew RegencyFULL
August 3rd-10thNew RegencyFULL
August 10th-17thNew Regency900€
August 17th-24thNew Regency1000€
September 7th-14thNew Regency1000€
September 21st-28thNew RegencyFULL
September 28th - Oct 5th Heaven1000€
October 5th-12thHeaven1000€
October 12th-19thTBA1000€
October 26th - 2nd NovHeaven1000€
November 2nd-9thHeaven1000€
November 9th-16thHeaven1000€
29 December 2024 - 5 January 2025Heaven1000€

Can’t find the week you are looking for? Contact us, we constantly add kite safari weeks to our calendar


8 Days & 7 nights of a kitesurfing adventure to be remembered, together with the team of Sick Dog on a boat trip with other 20 kiters

Imagine cruising the Red Sea in a luxury Yacht, chasing the best winds, the pristine warm waters and the sandy beaches of the Red Sea – that is a kite cruise in Egypt. We call them Kite Safari cause we move from spot to spot, sleeping, eating, chilling and partying on our boat, that serves us as a moving hotel.

It is a lot of kitesurfing, an intensive kitesurfing week where the progression is pretty much guaranteed. And our team is ready to train you.

Join us for a kitesurfing adventure!

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