Ashrafi Kite Spot

Ashrafi Kite Spot

Ashrafi Island is one of the most interesting kite spot during our kite safari and the northernmost kite spot we will visit during our kite safari week. It’s divided in two distinct kite spot – Closer to the boat there is a small beautiful, perfect for intermediate kiters, but less suitable for beginners – it gets deep very quickly and any mistake will require our rescue boat (that is anyway always available). A bit further upwind, we have another beach surrounded by a big lagoon. This spot is favored by most kiters – you will find flat and shallow waters, ideal for beginner and for advanced looking for freestyle conditions. The beach in the Big Lagoon is a bit rocky, but once you are in the water you will have plenty of space to kite and explore the beauty of the nature of Ashrafi.


The wind is off-shore in the Big Lagoon, and side-shore on the small beach – Ashrafi is a very versatile kite spot, and it’s not unusual for riders to kite in the same day in the two different areas. It’s even possible to make a short 1km downwinder from one spot to the other.


Advanced kiters will love to ride in the Big Lagoon and to do big airs in the small beach spot. It’s a great occasion to make some pictures, since most kiters will be riding next to the boat while kiting by the small beach

Intermediate kiters will also have the luxury to choose both spots, depending on which condition they are looking for in that day.

Beginner kiters and students will stay in the Big Lagoon. It’s a safer and more practical area to learn – a rescue boat won’t be needed, cause the water in the Big Lagoon is mostly shallow.


The small beach is perfect for sunset Yoga and for a night party. We organized a few DJ sets in our years, and it’s an incredible experience to dance by the stars in such remote location.


Under the right condition, it is possible to wave ride in Ashrafi – I’ve never seen it with my own eyes, but it has been reported that with strong south winds (uncommon in the Red Sea) reef waves are generated. I look forward to wave ride in the Red Sea, and I will make sure our kite safari boat heads to Ashrafi if the forecast is right.