Live Wind Kite Safari

Live Wind Kite Safari

Here you will find the live forecast for the wind in the island of the Red Sea we visit during our kite safari. I will explain you how to read it correctly, as this forecast only reflects a certain position in the Red Sea, and during our kite safari we visit different kite spot.

The live forecast above reflects the forecast of island of Tawila, that can be considered the central spot of our kite safari. We normally visit kite spots northern than Tawila, and spot southern than Tawila – you always need to add 2 knots to that forecast if we visit for example Geisum, 3/4 knots if we visit Ashrafi, and remove 2 knots if we visit any spots South of Tawila, like Abu Mungar. It’s that simple.

Map Kite Safari
Tawila is at the center of the Map – Going South of Tawila, expect less wind – Going North, more


Here you can see the difference between the wind forecast of the islands of the Kite Safari (above) and the wind forecast of Egypt on the coast (in this case, El Gouna). As you can see, there is 4/5 knots difference.

This wind forecast is accurate only if the wìnd comes from NORTH. If the wind comes from SOUTH, it is irrelevant where we are, so ignore everything I wrote above. With South wind, kiting in the Red Sea is less ideal and the forecast is less precise and harder to read. With North wind, this forecast is instead precise, but NOT for more than 2/3 days. If you go on the forecast and scroll right, you will see the complete weekly forecast, but keep it as an indication rather than a certainty.