What to do on Saturday – Last Day of our Kite Safari

What to do on Saturday – Last Day of our Kite Safari

Saturday is the last day of our Kite Safari, and and you will need to leave the boat around midday, so that our yacht gets cleaned up and prepared for our next cruise. In case you have a late flight, there are a few options we recommend for your last day in Egypt – we will help you out choose the best one for you and we will organize with you every detail of this last day.


You could spend the day visiting the town of Hurghada, strolling around the New Marina, checking the big mosque in the center town or visit the more residential and local area for a true Egyptian experience. You can leave your luggage on the boat and pick it up when it’s time to head to the airport. Uber is cheap and reliable in Hurghada, so you can use that or get one of the many taxis in town. Remember – Hurghada is very local and not too exciting: visiting Hurghada on a Saturday can be very tiring after a long week kiting.


If you prefer spending your last day kiting, at 9am we can organize a transfer from the boat to Makani Beach Club in El Gouna. It is a great kite center, with a restaurant, a bar, and many activities not related to kiting (massage, sauna, working area, beach volleyball field). This is a good choice (and the one we prefer) if you want to spend your day on the beach rather than in the chaotic (and not too charming) Hurghada. You will bring the luggage with you and leave them at the reception, it is safe. And from Makani, when you need, we will transfer you back to the airport for your flight.


Don’t feel like kiting? At 9am we will organize a transfer from the boat to Casa Cook, a modern hotel with a beautiful pool – for around 20€ you will have free access to their facilities (you can see the main pool in the first minute of the video below), and even better, you will have the 20€ to be paid on food and drinks. It’s a great choice if you don’t feel like kiting (or if the conditions at land are not good that day). Again, you will bring your luggage and leave it at the reception of the hotel. And when it’s time to go to the airport, the transfer bus will take you from Casa Cook the the airport, is that simple.


You don’t have to decide now, plans for Saturday can be made last second on Friday, and we always sit down with all our kiters and check together the different options. It’s your holiday, and if you need any help, we will choose the right Saturday for you.