Where to kitesurf in January

Where to kitesurf in January

This will be a short article. I’ve only one destination on my mind when we are talking about January kiting, and that destination is Cape Verde, Island of Sal. As we speak, I do have already a ticket in my hands for that destination, and I don’t have a return ticket yet… for sure I need to be back in Egypt for my kite safari trips, but those begins in April, so i’ve plenty of time…

The island of Sal is blessed by constant wind, coming regularly from north, and the ”wind machine” as some call it, starts in November and finishes in April. I normally kite there with my 9, while I use an 11 for weaker winds and 7 when it’s strong. Keep in mind I use a surf board (cause yes, it is wavy!) so 20 to 25 knots I do use a 7 – it never gets more than 25 knots. There are many out on twin tips too at the popular kite beach, so it is up to you if you want to use the little waves as kickers (Cape town style) or ride some waves. Kite beach has some nice left waves (perfect for me,that i’m goofy), while Ponta Preta offers a gorgeous and world class right wave.

Life on the island, apart of kiting, is fun. There is a little village called Santa Maria, that has a few hotels, bars and restaurants. Beaches are beautiful, so you won’t be stuck in your room if you decide to take a break from kiting. There are no really hikes or any other sport activities, Diving is fun but visibility is low, you can do a tour of the island, but don’t expect nothing incredible (it is fun though). But check the pics below, and let me know what you think! Ciao, Roberto

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