Do you have a new idea for a shirt?

Let’s not talk for once about our kitesurfing safari, but let’s check if there are any creative people from our kiters! If you have a new idea for a cool design for a tshirt or a hoodie, we will make it happen!

As you can see we have many shirts, hoodies and sweater already done and created by us – our team is always thinking about new ideas, and looking for inspiration, and every trip we make, we always show our collection to our kiters. After every kite safari, we always come back with a good feedback on what they like and what they don’t…

That’s where the idea for this request come from 😉

So, just drop me an email at info@sickdogsurf.com, and if I like it, I promise I will make a few copies and send you one for free! Not bad receiving a free Sick Dog shirt, so get ready with your creative skills, and hope to receive your email soon!