Kite Surfari in Egypt


A Kite Surfari (or Kite Safari as we call it in Europe) is usually days to weeks long. It involves a good looking group of people spending time exploring remote locations (in this case all over the Red Sea) to kitesurf. While out at sea we assess weather conditions daily and make our way to the best kite spots that the Red Sea offers. How do we get there you ask? On our own private luxury yacht/hotel, hosting up to 28 like-minded kiters.


To better understand what a kite safari is you need to imagine a classic safari in Africa. Forget kitesurfing for a second. On a regular safari you would travel around in a 4×4 within the national parks, sleeping in different locations, finding the best places to spot wild animals in their natural habitat. A kite safari stems from the same concept: instead of a 4×4 we have a luxury yacht, instead of the national parks we have the Red Sea with the best kite spots on offer.


We eat, sleep, chill and party on the boat! Every day at dawn, those of us who are feeling adventurous pack our gear, take a small tender (a runner boat) and head either to the beach or the lagoon on one of the remote islands, close to our floating hotel. There we set up and start our day with the most invigorating of kite sessions, once we’ve built up our appetite we head back to the boat for a well deserved buffet breakfast. After breakfast we all go back for more kiting until lunch. Again we fuel up, digest and relax a bit after the midday sun and go back to the island for a last sunset session before dinner and drinks. The tender is always available to run us back and forth so you will always have the option to chill on the boat or kite as much as humanly possible. It’s your holiday so you choose how to spend it!


The trip starts from Hurghada, Egypt. All you need to do is find and book a flight there and we take care of the rest. We organize every detail of your trip, from arrival transfers to departures. We’ve been doing this since 2014 and are pretty damn good at it!

We chase the wind across the Red Sea, sometimes this means travelling daily in order to wake up in the ultimate spot with the best conditions, according to the forecast. For this reason we don’t have a fixed route but are constantly assessing and discussing as a group where to go next. The instructors on-board are knowledgeable and experienced in reading the Red Sea winds, and will help you to better understand which spots will be best each day and why.

The yacht is fully equipped. Each cabin with a private toilet, shower and of course air condition! Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available on-board at a small extra cost, which can be paid at the end of the trip. There are several decks for either baking in the sun or chilling in the shade, as well as an indoor lounge which is air-conditioned 24/7 (you will most definitely find your nook!).


Probably cheaper than you’d expect! Generally speaking a cruise/safari in a place like the Caribbean will cost anywhere upwards of 2000€. Our trips in Egypt cost around 1000€, and are all inclusive (food, accom, travel). Easily more affordable than spending the week on land. There is also the option on our cruises for complete beginners to take their introduction to kitesurfing course. This alone costs an average of 400-500€ for 8 hours of lessons.

You can check out of schedule for this year here, in our kite surfari year plan.


Send me an email at or a whatsapp text at +201009410388. And hope to see you on board soon!