First Flight Post-Covid

First Flight Post-Covid

I’m just writing from the airport, flying back from Hurghada to Milan for a short July break and to see my family. I was honestly not so sure what the expect at the airport, but all seems normal and this is actually good news for our September Kite Safari in Egypt – travelling seems easy, everyone wearing a mask, but apart of that, there are no delays and no paperwork making the whole travelling experience a mess, as I was afraid.

They reccomended to come to the airport 3 hours before, but there was really no reason, everything went super smoothly, and this keeps me optimitst – it means that our kiters won’t have problems in coming to Egypt for our kite cruises this september… We have 2 kite cruises planned and confirmed, 12th to 19th September and 26th to 3rd October, and there are some spots free still. After a summer spent working on the online part (that was also fun actually, especially my webshop with kite tshirts, hoodies and sweaters) I really look forward for some action in the water.

Hope to see you soon on board!