1200€ for 8 Days on a Luxury Motor Yacht

    21st-28th August 2021


The last week of August, together with all our instructors, we are going on an epic kite cruise in Egypt! This is an all inclusive and intensive kitesurfing cruise – it means a lot of kitesurfing, from early morning till sunsets, with our Yacht as a moving hotel to eat, sleep, party and chill when we need to rest a little between sessioins.  And if you cannot come because of Covid Restrictions, just let us know and we will give you a full refund.


Imagine spending a week exploring and kiting in the best lagoons and islands of the Red Sea, while sleeping and living not on land, but on the spot on a luxury motor yacht – that is a kitesurfing cruise in the Red Sea, Egypt, and that’s what we have been doing since 2014. We kite every day, from early morning, even before breakfast, till sunset. Of course when we get tired and we need food and chill, we go back to the boat to rest and recharge our batteries for the our next session.

We do many trips in a year, but this summer trip in August, from 21st till 28th to be precise, is a bit special, as we will do this trip in partnership with our russian friends. This kite cruise is a good fit for advanced and intermediates, that want to improve their skills, and for beginners alike.  If you are a total beginner, we can arrange for you this week a full kitesurfing course!

This kite cruise will start from the marina of Hurghada, Egypt, on Saturday 21st August 2021. We will welcome you on board that day, and we will have our first night in the marina, exploring the town of Hurghada and having a good dinner to properly meet up. We will sleep on the boat in the marina, ready to departure on Sunday early morning! We arrive back to the marina on the late afternoon of the 27th, for a last night on board, and we will leave the boat the 28th.

If you need help for finding flights to come to Egypt let us know – we have good contact with travel agencies and local operators, and we can definitely help you out. The airport of arrival is Hurghada international airport. And if end of August is not the right time of the year for you, check our Kite Cruise weeks plan, to see all our scheduled trips!


For this kite cruise we will use the boat New Regency. This luxury motor yacht can have up to 20 kiters and 2 extra kite guides, it has a restaurant area that provides 3 meals per day, a big lounge with TV and DVD Set, a solarium, an upper deck with a bar for chilling and partying and a main deck for preparing the gear for the day.

New Regency comes with its own crew – captain, chef, sailors, and of course kite experts from the team of Sick Dog that will organise every detail of the trip. We have a great deal of experience with kite cruises in Egypt (we started in 2014), and the boat is big and comfortable and ready to pamper you for a week.  It comes equipped with two zodiacs, that will be needed to reach the lagoons and the islands of the Red Sea.



21st August – You will arrive in Hurghada international airport and you will meet at the airport one of our guys that will bring you with our bus to the boat – you will meet at the marina all the crew and get settled in your cozy room. We will have dinner on the boat and if we are not too tired from the flight, maybe get a drink somewhere in town. We sleep on the boat in the marina the first night.

22nd August – We leave the marina in the early early morning of Sunday, and during breakfast we move to our first spot, Abu Mungar. As soon as we arrive, we will have our first kitesurfing session and then a good lunch to recharge our batteries. After lunch we will head down to the beach for our afternoon session, if you prefer to stay on the boat and chill a little more waiting for the sunset session, no problem, the boat is always available and ready to help you relax if you need a break. After the kite session, we will have dinner, and have a few drinks on the boat. We will then sleep on the boat in Abu Mungar.

23rd August – For the braves, we have this morning a before breakfast session. We wake up at 6am and we head to the spot with our zodiacs, ready for action. We will kite in the early morning, enjoying sunrise and the quietness of the Red Sea. We will then head back for breakfast and move during breakfast to our second spot, Tawila, one of the most iconic kitesurfing places in the Red Sea.  We will arrive in time for a before lunch session and we will be staying in Tawila for two nights, as this is one of the best kitesurfing spots both for beginners and advanced. In the evening, we will have a chance after dinner to learn how to fish calamari! We also have some video analysis of our kite session, to get ready for tomorrow session.

24th August – All day kiting in Tawila, and more video analysis and sunset drinks. We sleep in Tawila again.

25th August – We move early with the boat to Geisum, a beautiful wild island with a nice kite spot and the perfect place for an evening party on the beach! We will sleep in Geisum.

26th August – It’s downwinder day! We will move in the early mornng to Ashrafi, and from there we will do a 2h downwinder back to Geisum – we will start before breakfast, so get ready to wake up early! Then we will spend the whole day in Geisum and sleep there, so plenty of time for everyone to kite, even for the ones that are not ready for the downwinder.

27th August – Last kiting day, we will head to the beach as early as possible, cause after lunch it is time to head back to the marina. We will have a last dinner on the boat and head to town to explore a little and enjoy the night life that Hurghada and El Gouna have to offer!

28th August – Time to say goodbye. After lunch, we will have to leave the boat, and according to each one travel plans, we will organise the transfers to the airport.

This is our program, but of course it is very dependant on the wind and on the wind forecast – according to those we will decide our best route day by day.

In case of no wind, we have planned some extra activities, like wakeboarding and snorkeling, but summer is a great time for kitesurfing in Egypt, and while wind is not guaranteed, is very very probable that it will be windy. Also do not forget that in the Red Sea, the wind is generally stronger than at land, making the % of wind even higher.


The price includes

  • Transfers from airport to boat and back. If you want to spend some extra nights in El Gouna before or after the trip, let us know and we can help you with organising the transfers and the hotels for that
  • Accommodation in a double room with private toilet and shower
  • Soft drinks, fruit and snacks.
  • 3 meals per day
  • Wakeboarding and Snorkeling

The price doesn’t include

  • Egyptian Visa (25$) to be paid at the airport
  • Tips for the crew (normally you need to calculate an extra 30€ to 50€ in total)
  • Alcoholic beverages (can be purchased on board)
  • Kite Lessons for beginners and intermediates