Where to Kitesurf in December

Where to Kitesurf in December

Here we go again with my recommendations for where to kite in the world in the month of December. This is not the easiest month to kite, considering that in the north hemisphere it starts getting really cold. I remember every year trying to find a new winter destination, cause Egypt (where I spend most of my time during the year) is no good for kitesurfing in winter (not stable wind, water too cold for my taste, just to mention the two main reasons).

Said so, here we go with my list for December kite spots, as always in order of what I like best!

1. Cape Verde, Island of Sal

Not far from Europe, flat and waves, wind pretty much guaranteed, good vibes in and out of the water, kind of warm – what are we waiting for? Wait no more, pack your gear and head over the Island of Sal in Cape Verde. This small country is just 9 islands in West Africa, it seems remote, but most airlines fly direct to Sal, cause not only is a super kite destination, but it is also a very touristic destination. This mix makes the town life fun, and I normally spend two months a year in Cape Verde, kiting and recharging my batteries for the kitesurf cruises in Egypt of the following season.

2. Philippines, Boracay

While Cape Verde is my winter destination, Boracay is the kite spot of choice of many of my friends that want to escape Egyptian winter. If you are looking for a super flat (but a bit crowded) lagoon, Boracay is the place to be. It is a bit far, so definitely plan a 2/3 weeks stay at least (if you can). Next time I will visit Boracay I will make sure to spend a few days at Kingfisher, that is a good wave spot in Philippines – i’m not sure how close it is to Boracay (probably not very close), but nevertheless that kite spot is on my to kite list.

3. Vietnam, Mui Ne

Long time ago I travelled to Vietnam just to go to Mui Ne. A bit silly in retrospective, cause Vietnam is supposedly beautiful… Well, I didn’t see too much of it. If you are Russian, Mui Ne is perfect, cause in Winter it becomes the second home of many of my russian friends. I’m not Russian, but I remember I had fun, the spot is not flat but it has not waves, it is a kind of oceanic mix of the two, with some random waves breaking in random spots. Not the perfect place to progress your freestyle, but a great place to progress in general – the beach is huge, plenty of space, and it’s sunny and windy!

4. Egypt, Red Sea

Have you ever thought of having a kite cruise to celebrate in style the end of the year? Check our New Year’s Eve Kite Cruise plan, and let us know if you want to tag along! I won’t lie, it is going to be chilly, but we hope for good wind and good vibes!

As always, if you have more ideas on where someone could kite in December, just drop me an email at info@sickdogsurf.com