The idea of a kite safari is simple: to visit different kite spots during a week. The boat is obviously the best way to move around the kite spots of this cruise: it is like a moving hotel, and we will be park the boat right next to the spot, ready to go kiting when the wind kicks in.

Here we are going to present the kite spots that we are planning to visit during our kite cruises in Egypt. It’s important to remember that, while we try to kite in as many kite spots as possible, seeing them all depends on many factors: the skills of the group on board and the wind conditions are 2 of the main factors that influence the route of our kite safaris. We will also plan 1 or more downwinder during our kite cruise: again, not every week (or every group) could give us the right condition for a downwinder.

It’s a kitesurfing adventure, and every week is different. Rest assured, we will choose every day the best spot to kite.


3h navigation from Hurghada, Geisum is one of our favorite kite spots in the Red Sea. We have 3 spots in Geisum, plus a secret spot, so 4 in total – South Geisum, Central Geisum, Geisum Marina and Secret Spot Geisum. All blessed with great winds and awesome condition for kiting. Geisum is the key island for our kite cruise.


Tawila Island is one of the best spot in the Red Sea for kiting. It’s a shallow lagoon that develops in the open sea with space for everyone to kite. The beach is beautiful and huge with plenty of space to prepare our kites and bars.


Asharafi Island hosts 2 spots in the northest part of the Red Sea, the small lagoon, with side-shore wind, and the big lagoon, with off-shore wind. You will find here the strongest wind during our kite safari, being Ashrafi the northest kite spot we will visit during our kite week. Ashrafi is alson one of the starting point of our downwinders.


Our first kite spot for our kite cruise, very close to Hurghada and suitable only in case of strong winds. Not my favorite kite spots, but still worth a visit (if the conditions are right).


Gubal is a snorkeling & diving spot, but kitable (if you launch your kite from the boat) and perfect for kite and wing foiler. One of the most interesting and versatile spot in the Red Sea, with a beautiful beach for night parties and the perfect place to chill and rest when the wind is a little weak.


This small beautiful island is one of the arriving point of our downwinders. Perfect place to have a beer after a long session.


The best months in Egypt for kiting are from April till November: while Egypt is windy pretty much all year long, wind is less probable during winter – that’s why we do not organize kite cruises in Winter.

Wind is not guaranteed in Egypt – but wind is not guaranteed anywhere in the world. The % of wind in Egypt is 70%: this means that, considering 365 days in a year, 70% of these days will be windy. And most of the time, these windy days are between April and November.

Also important to keep in mind: in the middle of the sea, the wind is stronger than at land: so 12 knots day at land for example turns out to be a 15 knots at our Kite Safari kite spots. So yes, when you book a Kitesurfing cruise in the Red Sea you will have a good chance of wind.


One of the main attractive to go on a kite cruise is the wind: the wind in the middle of the Red Sea (check above the map with our kite spots) is generally 2/3 knots stronger than at land. This means that a marginal windy day at land is normally a good windy day on a cruise, and a good windy day at land is an epic day at sea!

Most spots we will visit are very beginner friendly: shallow, warm and flat waters. The wind is though off shore, that’s why we do have 2 zodiacs (rescue inflatable boats) ready to pick you up in no time. That’s why you don’t have to worry if you can’t still go upwind: we will come and rescue you when you drift too much.