It doesn’t get any better than this – 1400€ for 8 Days on a Luxury Motor Yacht. 980€ with no pro kite clinics included

   8th-15th April 2023 – MAX 6 SPOTS 

    17th-24th June 2023 – MAX 6 SPOTS 

        19th-26th August 2023 – MAX 6 SPOTS 

              21st-28th November 2023 – MAX 6 SPOTS 


A kite cruise, or as I like to call it a Kite Safari, is a tour of the best kitesurfing spots that the Red Sea has to offer (that’s why I call it Kite Safari). The idea is to have a boat, a luxury motor yacht, that will be our moving hotel, taking us to the kite spots and with all the comforts of a hotel – a restaurant, a chill area, a sun deck and of course cabins to sleep. We wake up early and we kite all day long, with breaks for meals and whenever we want. This trip particularly is very special, as we will have on board one professional female kitesurfer ready to train a team of 6 female kiters: Kasia Jaworska.

This kite cruise will begin from Hurghada, Egypt – 8 days and 7 nights of kitesurfing progression guaranteed.  

Important: if these dates are not good for you, don’t worry! We are planning many more trips, check our Kite Cruise plan, to see all our trips, and with a bit of luck we will find that match your holidays dates!


We will be cruising in style, with one of my favorite boat –  Queen Sherry. This luxury motor yacht hosts up to 22 kiters and 2 extra kite guides, so it has plenty of space for every one. There is a cozy restaurant and a chef ready to cook 3 meals per day, a main lounge with TV and DVD, a sun deck, a second main deck with a small bar for a well deserved drinks at sunset, and a deck for gear set up.  All cabins have air-condition, comfortable beds, and a private toilet with shower. This boat and its crew have tons of experience in kite safaris, and of course I will be personally on board, as a kite tour leader – we organize Kite cruises in Egypt since 2015, and we know the sea and its kite spots.


Kasia Jaworska is a polish professional kitesurfer, one of the best rider in Poland and a very dedicated water woman. Her kite clinics are for  female kitesurfers, intermediate and advanced only, kiters that need a more advanced help to progress in areas where is normally hard to progress alone.

On this kite cruise, she will focus on a max number of 6 female kiters – every rider is different, that’s why we planned group sessions and one on one sessions with Kasia every day, with live directions using Audio systems and cameras for Kite Video Analysis.


SATURDAY: Arrival day on the boat, meeting with Kasia and the team & introduction to the kite clinic and to the kite cruise. We will sit down and figure out everyone goals for the week.

SUNDAY: Warm up session, in order to evaluate every riders skills and needs. We will have a professional photographer and videomaker at all time on the cruise, this will be the key to our with video analysis, that will be done in the morning before breakfast or in the evening right after dinner.

MONDAY: We will be riding all day, with a break for lunch on board, and put in practice what we started learning.

TUESDAY: Free ride session right before breakfast, followed by video analysis of the day before and more kiting. Tuesday we will go deeper in each riders needs.

WEDNESDAY: We will focus in the morning in how to ride downwind, in preparation for our downwinder on thursday. The rest of the day we will continue with our Kite Clinic Program.

THURSDAY: Downwinder day, followed by a last afternoon session. In the evening we will talk about results achieved and discuss future progressions individually.

FRIDAY: Free Kiting Day. The boat will be back at port in the afternoon. Night out in town for a drink and dinner.

SATURDAY: Time to say good bye and see you next time!

A Short video of one of our Kite Cruise!

When? 1st-8th April 2023! How much? 1400€ or 980€ with no kite clinics per person for 8 days all inclusive!

The cost of 1400€ (980€ with no Pro Kite Clinics) includes

  • Transfers from airport to boat and back. If you want to spend some extra nights in El Gouna before or after the trip, let us know and we can help you with organising the transfers and the hotels for that
  • Pro Kite Clinics with Kasia
  • Accommodation in a double room with private toilet and shower
  • Soft drinks, fruit and snacks.
  • 3 meals per day
  • Wakeboarding and Snorkeling

The price doesn’t include

  • Egyptian Visa (25$/€) to be paid at the airport
  • Tips for the crew (normally you need to calculate an extra 50€ in total)
  • Alcoholic beverages (can be purchased on board)
  • Marine Park Fee – 40€



Kasia Jaworska is a professional kitesurf and IKO instructor, with over 10 years of experience in the teaching and progressing in the sport with love. A great example of an athlete on and off the water, she is ready to bring a full female team of riders to the next level.

Kasia in action



DAY 1 – You will be arriving by plane to Hurghada International airport, and our staff will be waiting for you to transfer you straight to the boat. Kasia and the rest of the team will be there to greet you and show you the boat, and you will be slowly meet there rest of the kiters that will join us in this trip. We will be staying the first night in the marina, ready after a good sleep to sail to the first kite spot. 

DAY 2 – We will move early in the morning to Abu Mungar, for a good warming up sessions. Before kiting we will talk about your goals for this kite clinics, and come up with a progression plan to achieve them. We will start our training in Abu Mungar, and work on your skills right away. After lunch we will have another long afternoon for kitesurfing, and after the sunset session a well deserved drink in the sun deck, followed by a well deserved stretching session to be ready for Day 3.

DAY 3 – We will move early in the morning to one of the best spots in the Red Sea, Tawila Island, a gorgeous sandy beach with a fun sand bank – a perfect place for freestyle practice, thanks to super stable winds, flat lagoons, and plenty of space. We will stay all day here.

DAY 4 – It’s time for an early morning session. Today we will wake up at sunrise for some action before breakfast – only for hardcore kitesurfers. The rest of the day will be as well dedicated to kiting, and if you are too tired you can take any time a break on the boat, i’m pretty sure you will need it. In the late afternoon we will move to a spot further north, Geisum Island, where we will be sleeping.

DAY 5 – Ready for another early morning session? We will stay all day in Geisum kiting, and move further up north later on in the afternoon, cause we have a downwinder planned for tomorrow!

DAY 6 – It’s downwind time! We will start at 6am for a 10km downwinder from Ashrafi island back to Geisum – there will be a small swell to make everything more fun, and it’s a good time to kite some waves with your surf. Then we are back to Geisum for more kiting, till it’s too dark to see.

DAY 7 – We will be kiting here all day, and after lunch we will head back to the marina. It’s our last evening, so we will head to town for some well deserved drinks and maybe a little party if we still have the energy.

DAY 8 – Time to say goodbye! Pack your bags and your gear, our shuttle bus will take you back to the airport… Hope to see you next year!