In this page I will answer to the most common questions that kiters ask me before booking a kitesurfing cruise with us. If you think one of the question is missing, just drop me an email at, I will answer it via email and add it here!

What is a kite safari?

A kite safari is a kitesurfing trip made on a motor yacht. It is usually 1 week long (typically saturday to saturday), and the boat makes it easier to reach the best spots in the Red Sea for kitesurfing. We do not launch kites from the boat, but we set up our gear directly on sand. Also the wind is more consistent and stronger on average in the middle of the sea. It is a unique experience, very different from a regular kite holiday – you will sleep, eat, chill and party on the boat (that fundamentally becomes a hotel) and you will be directly on the spot. And it is a lot of kitesurfing, cause there is not too much else to do.

How much does it cost?

A kite cruise in Egypt costs from a minimum of 900€ to a max of 1300€. It all depends on the boat – some boats are really luxurious or simply more expensive according to high and low season, and therefore the difference of prices. I personally don’t need a jacuzzi or a sauna on board, so most of the trips we organize are more aimed to high standard boat, luxurious and comfortable, with a strong crew that has experience in kite safaris – I feel that 950€/1000€ is a good price for a kite safari, and that’s why most of my trips cost that much.

Do I need a visa to enter the country?

In most cases, entry in Egypt is very easy: all you have to do is to make a Touristic Visa at the airport of arrival in Egypt: the cost is 25$. No paper work needed in advance. Depending on your nationality, you may need to apply for an online visa.

Can I buy alchool in Egypt?

Yes – you have 48 hours after arrival to go to the Duty free and purchase imported alcholic beverages. Otherwise, in bars and on the boat we sell and drink Egyptian Wines (not bad), Egyptian beers (pretty good) and Egyptian Vodka, Rum and Tequila (let’s say decent). Anyway, if you don’t want to buy on the boat, you are very welcome to bring any drinks you want.

Can I dress as I want in Egypt?

Yes, even if Egypt is a muslim country, they are very used to tourists dressing the way they want.

Why do I need to book in advance?

For boat trips, we do need to organize our boats and have them ready for you and for that we need to know in advance how many people we will have on board – that’s why we request a 300€ deposit for every passenger.. In case of kitesurfing lessons, booking in advance will help us organize our instructors and equipment.

Can you help me organize my trip from A to Z?

Yes, we work with international travel agencies that will simply require a copy of your passport to make all the relevant bookings – no stress, no paperword needed, just let us know where are you coming from and for free we will provide you a trip proposal.

I need an accomodation while i’m having lessons, can you help me out?

We offer awesome packages Lessons plus flat/hotels, just contact us! The flat we use are european quality, strategically located in El Gouna or in Hurghada.

Is Egypt a safe place to travel to?

Yes. Egypt and the Red Sea is having million of tourist every year, all year long, and we would be the first to not work here if the situation would not be 100% safe.

What is included and what not in the cost of the kite safari?

The cost of the trip includes pretty much everything. From where you will arrive at the airport, you will be taken care of, and all food on board, including soft drinks (water, coffee, coke, etc etc) are included in the price. On the trip you will have the option to buy beer and wine, and there is an extra cost at the end for the tips for the egyptian crew of the boat – this is common in Egypt, and you need to calculate to pay at the end of the trip 50€ extra on top of the regular cost of the trip. And finally, there is a Marine Park fee that is mandatory for every passenger – this comes at 40USD extra per person.

There is WiFi on the boat?

Yes. Connection is not perfect though, and in some kite spots the connection is basically zero. So some days you will be a little cut of, but most of the time you will be able to send emails, make quick calls or whatsapp messages.

There are mosquitos or any other insects on board?

No. We are in the middle of the sea, and there will be no problem with insects of any kind. Also at land, there is the same amount of insects you would expect in the summer in Europe.

Do I need to bring towels/bed linen from home?

No, we have those on board.

Do I need watershoes? There are many rocky kite spots?

Intermediate kiters won’t need watershoes, while for beginners and students it will be necessary. The beaches are sandy, but there are the random coral reefs and stone in the spots – if you know how to kite, you won’t have any problem.