Is Egypt Safe?

Hurghada is a very safe little city – being a touristic city there is a particular care from police to keep it secure. We have been living in this city for over 5 years, and we ourselves wouldn’t do that if it would not be safe.

Do I need a Visa to enter the country?

You will make a Touristic Visa at the airport of arrival in Egypt: the cost is 25$. No paper work needed.

Can I buy alchool in Egypt?

Yes – you have 48 hours after arrival to go to the Duty free and purchase international alchol. Otherwise, in bars and on the boat we seel and drink Egyptian Wines (not bad), Egyptian beers (pretty good) and Egyptian Vodka, Rum and Tequila (let’s say decent). Anyway, if you don’t want to buy on the boat, you are very welcome to bring any drinks you want.

Can I dress as I want in Egypt?

Yes, even if Egypt is a muslim country, they are very used to tourist dressing the way they want.

Why do I need to book online?

For boat trips, we do need to organize our boats and have them ready for you and for that we need to know in advance how many people we will have on board – that’s why we request a 100€ deposit (totally refundable 30 days before departure).

In case of kitesurfing lessons, booking online will save you some money and help us organize our instructors and equipment, but it is not mandatory.

Can you help me organize my trip from A to Z?

Yes, we work with international travel agencies that will simply require a copy of your passport to make all the relevant bookings – no stress, no paperword needed, just let us know where are you coming from and for free we will provide you a trip proposal.

I need an accomodation  while i’m having lessons, can you help me out?

We offer awesome packages Lessons plus flat/hotels, just contact us! The flat we use are european quality, strategically located in Hurghada Marina or in the best areas of the city.