Tawila is Closed – News & Updates

Tawila, one of the best kitesurfing spot in the Red Sea and in the world in general, has been closed since April 2022 and there are currently no signs that it will be reopen again. Many speculations/ideas/theories have emerged during these months as to why this is happening – all we know is that the one time we tried to kite there during one of our Kite Safari but were refused entry in the island. We noticed a new wooden construction on the spot, and we assumed someone is building a new Kite school or a Beach Resort of some kind. But the works are on hold (as far as I know), and there has been no communications of what is really happening there.

Tawila will reopen anytime soon?

I honestly doubt that. We hope every week to hear the good news, but the fact that the works are on hold is no good news per se. I’ve the feeling that nobody is really pushing to have the island reopened for kiting – the only ones that really want that are the riders, and nobody seems to listen to them. With our boat, we always try to find the best spot for kitesurfing in the Red Sea, and we always find great beaches and lagoons to set up our gear and go – but I do miss Tawila and its big lagoon.

UPDATE – Recently, at the end of 2022, a competition called Kite Mania was held in Tawila, in partnership with the 5 star hotel that is finally built upwind of Tawila Big lagoon (a place normally called Small Tawila). So Tawila was technically open for kiting, at least for a weekend. My feeling is though that the kite school (still partially unfinished) has still no owner, so this means that Tawila is still closed. Nobody tried to to go Tawila after Kite Mania.

Tawila will reopen in 2023?

This is possible, but not really probable. I would personally be very happy if Tawila could reopen for April 2023. At the moment I would say there is a 20% chance of that happening.

When I hear any news and updates about Tawila, I will simply post them here and update this article. Hope to do this really soon with good news.