Do you have a group of friends and want to organize your own private kite cruise trip?

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If you have a big group of friends that are interested in kitesurfing, that wants to learn this sport, or maybe that are just happy to enjoy a week holiday in a luxury motoryacht, we offer you the option to have your own boat for a week and go on a kite cruise. The trip is exactly the same as our regular kite safaris, the difference is that the only guests on board will be you and your group.

What does it mean a private kite cruise? The boat will come equipped with a full crew of sailors, captain, chefs, beach boys and a kite guide will be with you at all time to lead and plan this trip. But you will be totally independent in deciding where to go and what should be the activity of the day. Do you prefer to go snorkeling and have a day off from kiting? Do you want to stay one day longer in a particular kite spot that you like? All you need to do is decide day by day with your friends what you want to do, and, after consulting with your kite guide, we will make it happen. 


We have been organizing Kite Cruises (we call them Kite Safaris) since 2015, for solo kiters, couples, families, and small and big group of friends. It’s a trip that lasts a week, normally from Saturday to Saturday, and we use our luxury boat to move from kite spot to kite spot and as a moving hotel. The boat is very comfortable and can host up to 20 kiters, plus the crew needed to move the boat of course. We kite all day long, from early morning till sunset, and we use the boat to rest, party, sleep and eat.

We have our kite safaris all year round (you can find here all our confirmed dates for this year), and normally these trips are open to anyone that want to join. But these trips, that are still a lot of fun, are obviously not private. If you have a group of at least 10 persons, and you want to have a kite cruise organized in a week that is not planned, we can organize that week for you, and if you want it can be private. It means that only you and your friend will be on board. It is a really exclusive experience, and a kitesurfing adventure to be remembered.

All you need to do is find a group of friends big enough, choose a date and contact us to see if your planned dates works for us. Then you will need to find flights and arrive at the Hurghada international airport (HRG). We will take care of you from there.


New Regency is a 35m long yacht, hosting up to 22 guests plus 2 kite guides and a its crew (captain, chefs, and sailors). It has a restaurant, offering 3 freshly cooked meals per day and snacks, a bar with drinks and coffee, a main deck for preparing the kite gear, an upper deck for chilling and relaxing and a big top solarium deck. It’s a lot of space for a group of kiters, and the boat is indeed very comfortable.

There are 11 cabins, 9 of those with two beds, and two with a larger bed for a couple. All cabins have air condition, private toilet and private shower.

New Regency has also two zodiacs, needed in case any of the kiters need to be rescued. We use the zodiacs also to set up our kite spot in the islands and lagoons of the Red Sea – we do not launch our kites from the boat, but always at land.


The great point of a private kite cruise is that it can be 100% customized depending on the needs of the group. We can organize diving days, snorkeling days, days with long downwinders, some special days dedicated to students, or just regular kiting days at one of the best kite spots of the Red Sea.

Below you will find a classic Kite Cruise day by day, but keep in mind though that as we said you  are fully in control, and that the plan below can be changed at any time, also during the course of the week.

DAY 1 – You will arrive at the Hurghada International Airport (HRG), where one of our team will meet you and take you to the boat. If you arrive with different flights, we will of course organize different transfers for every member of the group. You will go to your cabin and have a drink and dinner. We will sleep the first night in the marina, waiting for the full group to arrive on the boat and ready for departure the morning after, as early as possible.

Day 2 – We will leave the marina in the early morning, moving to our first kitesurfing spot of the week, Abu Mungar – only 30 minutes navigation and you will be kiting in one of the best spots of the Red Sea already! It’s the perfect place for checking your kite gear and start warming up for a long kiting week. We will have lunch on the boat and continue kiting in the afternoon, ending with a sunset kite session. Dinner and drinks on the boat, and then a long night sleep.

Day 3 – We will have an early morning session, as we will wake up before 6am to kite right before breakfast! If you instead prefer to take it more easily, you can wait till we are back and join us for breakfast at 8am. Then we will move during breakfast to another iconic kite spot of the Red Sea, Tawila Island, where will kite before and after lunch, again till the sun sets. Music and drinks on the main deck after kiting are a perfect way to end a long kitesurfing day, then sleep cause we have a lot of kiting ahead.

Day 4 – It’s all about Tawila today – it is a great spot and we will be staying here all day and night. We will be fishing calamari in the evening, with the help of our experienced crew that will teach us.

Day 5 – We will move northern to reach another remote kitesurfing spot, Geisum island. We will kite all day and have a bbq on the beach at night, then back to the boat for a good night rest.

Day 6 – Today is downwinder day! We will be moving by boat to the northest part of our planned route, Ashrafi Islands, and we will be kiting back to Geisum (approx 90 minutes), for an easy downwinder, simply following the boat. If someone doesn’t want or can’t do the downwind trip, there will be a lot of time to kite at Geisum in the day, since we will be staying in Geisum all day in this Day 6!

Day 7 – Since we need to sail back to the Marina by sunset, we will start kiting early and we will have a late lunch. We will be staying in Geisum and back to port to have a last dinner on board and go out and explore the town of Hurghada or El Gouna and its bars. We will sleep in the boat at the Marina of Hurghada

Day 8 – It’s time to say goodbye, since we need to leave the boat at around lunch time. Our transfer bus will take you back to the airport or, in case you have other plans. to wherever you need to go. And see you next time!

As I mentioned above, this is our regular weekly plan, but it can be changed according to your needs or desire, and depending on wind conditions and forecast.  We have several activities planned in case you want to do something else apart from kiting or in case of no wind: diving, snorkeling, wakeboarding, stand up paddleboarding, or simply swimming and sun tanning.


  • Transfers from the airport to the boat and back at the end of the trip. We can organize also some extra nights in hotels not too far from a kite spot, if you want to spend some extra nights in Egypt before or after the kite cruise.
  • A place in a cabin on the boat for 7 nights.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Soft drinks, coffee, tea, and snacks.
  • Wakeboarding, Snorkeling and Stand Up Paddleboarding
  • Starlink Satellite Wi-Fi


  • Marine Park Fee (50€)
  • Tips for the egyptian crew (60€ )
  • Beers and Wine (can be purchased on board, or bring your own)
  • Egyptian Visa (25$ or equivalent in Euros)
  • Kite lessons and Kitesurfing material (can be rented on board)