Kite safe during a kite safari – Tips & What not to do

Kite safe during a kite safari – Tips & What not to do

Safety is a fundamental part of a kite safari – with years of experience, I’ve made with my team a list of tips and recommendations on how to kite safe during this trips. A few of our recommendations may seem very basic, but better be safe than sorry.

Double check your kite gear

If you are renting or if you have your own gear: always double check your kites and bar on the beach before launching the kite, especially during the first warm up day of your kite safari. Also make sure that the footpads are well screwed in your board. Nothing worst than losing a footpad while kitesurfing, hard to replace.

Get the kite spot explained

I always explain every new kitespot on the boat before hitting the beach – if you have questions, or something is unclear, just ask me or any member of our team. We know the lagoons well, and we can easily point out the little intricacies that any spot may have.

Be ready to be rescued

It can happen to everyone, that’s why we have 2 rescue boats to help any kiters that can’t come back to the beach. The rescue procedure if very simple, and again, I explain it on the boat on the first day – if it’s not clear, just ask.

Keep an eye on beginners

Make sure you stay away from beginners or bad kiters – they make mistake and they can ruin your session by crashing on you. Just stay away from them, or simply stay upwind of them. Easy.


This is valid not only during our kite safari, but more in general when you go kite anywhere: focus, especially on the first day (where you could be a bit rusty) and during the most dangerous part of kitesurfing, that is landing and launching your kite. Also check where you are kiting, and make sure not to land your jump in the wrong place. Study the area thoroughly before attempting any maneuvers.

Protect yourself

The sun is strong in Egypt, and it’s hot – remember a strong and waterproof sun protection and to stay hydrated at all times.

If in doubt ask

If you have any doubts, questions, or concerns, just let me or my team know – kitesurfing is an extreme sport but when approached with safety and mindfulness all is left is a fun experience of the sport we love.