An Escape for Yoga, Kitesurf & Ocean lovers – 1300€ for 8 days/7 nights on our luxury yacht


Give yourself a Gift, Live Life, Hop Aboard our Classic Luxury Boat! With a Unique and highly Qualified team from around the World for a Kite & Yoga adventure!

The location is Egypt as always, but this year we are planning something unique. Together with Paulina Trusewicz, our Yoga Instructor, we will focus on kiting & yoga in the same week.


What is coming this autumn is not only an incredible kitesurfing trip around unique Red Sea islands, but also an opportunity to get in touch with yourself and reconnect with the beauty of nature. Flat warm water, open space, heart stopping sunrises and sunsets, open-minded community and a boat that will meet your expectations. 

Kite & yoga cruise is a week of kiting on the best spots known to the Red Sea supplemented by mindfulness routine which will literally get you high, on kiting and yoga.

The Kite & Yoga cruise in Egypt is a 1 weeklong adventure. On this cruise you will be kiting on the best spots known to the Red Sea. You will also be reminded of the beauty of life and laughter, and the importance of reconnecting with and rejuvenating your body, mind and soul, and most importantly your immune system. On this trip we will literally get you high, on kiting and yoga. Magic.

With Paulina we will start your day with a unique stretching session especially for Kitesurfers. After Breakfast they will take care of your kitesurfing skills and progression with advances teaching techniques such as Headsetcoaching and Video analysis for advanced riders.

We will kite every day, from morning till sunset, and every day we will explore a different part of Yoga. And of course, to compliment this personal adventure, the boat and the team will be ready to take care of you with food, drinks and the well-deserved love and comfort.
This is a one-time unique trip. If you have never kited before, a full kitesurfing course is included in the price. If you have never been to Hurghada before, then you are in for a kiting surprise. Flat warm water, open space, heart stopping sunrises and sunsets, new friends, and a luxury boat that will meet your expectations. If you want to just do yoga, or just kite that is okay as well. The boat also offers wake boarding, snorkeling and reading spaces.

This kite & yoga cruise will start from the marina of Hurghada, Egypt. Below you will find a detailed day to day plan of the week, all you need to do is to find a flight to Hurghada (The airport of arrival is Hurghada international airport, airport code HRG) on the right dates, and we will take care of all the rest. Everything is pretty much included.
And if you feel like you want to do a 100% Kitesurfing trip, check our Kite Safari Cruise weeks plan, to see all the trips that we are planning this year!



For this unique Kite & Yoga Magic trip we are going to use one of our best luxury yachts, New Regency. This boat can host up to 22 kiters and yogis. It come equipped with a beautiful solarium for sunset and sunrise yoga classes, a restaurant for food and snacks, a small bar, a big TV lounge with sofas, and a main deck to relax and have a drink. 9 cabins have 2 beds, with 2 cabins with a large bed for couples, with a private toilet, shower, and air conditioner.

New Regency comes with its experienced Egyptian crew – a captain, a chef, sailors, and of course Roberto and Paulina from the team of Sick Dog. Together we that will help you make the most of this trip, taking care of every little detail and activity. Roberto has been organizing these kite cruises since 2015 in Egypt so you are in qualified and caring hands.



DAY 1 – Arrive in Hurghada international airport and one of us will be at the airport to meet you and bring you to the boat with one of our minibus. On the boat you will meet the rest of the crew and guests and be shown your cabin. We will have our first dinner on the boat and then go explore the town of Hurghada, if we are not too tired.

DAY 2 – We leave the marina early in the morning, starting our trip with a sunrise slow flow, to reach our first kite spot, Abu Mungar. There we will have our first kite session, followed by a good lunch and a small break. We will be in the water all afternoon and then head back to the boat at sunset for our first Restorative Yoga session in the solarium. We will sleep with the boat by Abu Mungar.

DAY 3 – We will have a dawn yoga session at 7am, right before breakfast, and after breakfast we will head to the beach for kitesurfing. At lunch we will be moving to Tawila, our second kite spot and one of the best spots to kite in the Red Sea. We will arrive in time to do some kiting, and then a yoga session for all our bones and ligaments, ensuring you can put your shorts on without falling over. We will stay a few days in Tawila, since this is really one of the best spots for kiting in Egypt.

DAY 4 – A morning yoga session on the solarium and the rest of the day kiting. Followed by full body stretch yoga sundowner, some video analysis of your kiting day and as always some well deserved drinks. We sleep on the boat in Tawila.

DAY 5 – We will skip Yoga this morning because as we will leave early to Geisum one of the islands in the north of the Red Sea. It has a beautiful wild kite spots, and a great place for a sunset yoga followed by evening BBQ! We will be sleeping in Geisum.

DAY 6 – Sunrise yoga, followed by a full day of kiting and chilling in Geisum. A sunset yoga session to open all your energy centres, so you can make it through another day of kiting.

DAY 7 – Last kiting and yoga day, we will head to the beach as early as possible, cause after lunch it is time to head back to the marina. We will have dinner on the boat or in town if we have the energy, as you may want to land after a week on the boat and enjoy a bit of night life.

DAY 8 – It’s time to head back to the airport. According to your flight schedule, we will take you back to the airport, and wish you a safe flight!

This is our plan for the week, but keep in mind that sometimes great wind conditions enable us to have 2-3 per day, sometimes we have less windy moments . In the case of no wind, do not panic, we have extra activities planned, snorkeling cruises, wingfoil classes,  wakeboarding & stand up paddle. We enjoy volleyball matches on the beach, board games, fishing calamaris and playing cajon. Weather conditions dictate our daily schedules so we plan all activities according to the wind forecast.

Map Kite Safari


SUNRISE Early mornings on the boat begin with the sound of unrolling yoga mats, astonishing views of turquoise lagoons and people greeting the rising sun on the rooftop deck of the boat. With a cup of warming tea we practice a sequence of energizing asans and mobility movements. Finding balance on the wavy boat might be tricky but we take it as a chance to warm up our bodies, boost flexibility and endurance for the day full of kiting.

SUNSET  When the sun is about to go down we light up the candle, slow down, relax muscles and relieve tensions. Sometimes we stay on the beach to practice yoga flow in a natural environment, surrounded by the sea and beauty of the Egyptian desert. Pranajama and meditation practice is weaved into a vibrant yoga routine. 

Stretching  and breathing exercises designed for kitesurfers benefits in boosted flexibility and higher injury resilience. Freshly prepared and healthy plant-based menu, selection of aromatic teas and coffees and all day snacks will keep us on the right track.


In Sick Dog Team we all are charismatic kiters, willing to share moments and passion with our special guests. For most of the us Red Sea has become a second home, we love it and respect it. Therefore we are honored to invite you on a journey that we all dreamed about. We have prepared cruise that combines mind and body retreat with live music vibe and pure, childish fun. 

Our certified kite instructors will keep an eye on students to help them improve skills, rescue team assures safety on the water and assists on the beach.  

Together with volunteers we take care of the Red Sea habitat, so after beach meditations we clean the beach from plastics and rubbish.


  • Transfers from the airport to the boat and back. If you want to spend some extra nights in Egypt before or after our boat trip, we will help you organize everything – it is always a good idea to spend a few days at land to enjoy what Egypt has to offer
  • Accommodation in a double room with 2 separete beds, private toilet and shower
  • Soft drinks, fruit and snacks – Healthy Menu and Snacks (plant based variant available) – Matcha, Yerba Mate, herbs, tea and coffee selection
  • 3 meals per day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, everything freshly cooked – vegan and vegetarian options available
  • Wakeboarding, Snorkeling, paddleboarding.
  • Sunrise & Sunset Yoga – Full Moon meditation on the beach – Equipment (yoga mats, bricks, tapes & blankets)
  • Kite lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced: included in the Kite & Yoga Camp
  • Starlink Satellite Wi-Fi on board


  • Flight Tickets
  • Egyptian Visa (25$) to be paid at the airport
  • Tips for the crew (normally you need to calculate an extra 60€ in total)
  • Marine Park Fee – 50€
  • Tawila Fee – an extra 25€ per person if we visit Tawila
  • IKO Certification upon request – 40€
  • Wetsuits/Watershoes
  • Kitesurfing Equipment – Available for rent at 250€ for the week – Optional


Roberto Primi

42, Italian, and is the kite master of this trip and main organizer. His organizational skills are excellent, and he has been planning and executing kite safaris  since 2014, with great success. 

Paulina Kite Sick Dog Surf

Paulina Trusewicz

Nature passionate, watersports lover. Certified IKO kitesurfing and PSW windsurfing instructor. Professional ballet dancer, holistic yoga teacher and healthy food enthusiast. Boat living has became her lifestyle and a space for passion development.  During kite safari she takes care of our body&mind balance, teaching us meditation practices, yoga flow movements and pranajama.