Kitesurfing Incentive Trip

Kitesurfing Incentive Trip

Do you want to organize a kitesurfing incentive trip to motivate and build a stronger team inside your company and you want an active event something a bit unusual? A kitesurfing cruise in Egypt could be a good idea.

A kitesurfing cruise in Egypt is a 3 days long or week long kite adventure, for 10/20 kiters (or active sport enthusiasts that want to learn) and a team of qualified instructors: you will practice and learn kitesurfing under our supervision, chill, party and enjoy our luxury yacht as your moving hotel during your time on board. Even if nobody from your group can kite, a kite cruise is a good occasion to learn: we will train the group to the basis of the sport. And apart of kitesurfing, the Red Sea is beautiful – snorkeling, scuba diving, wakeboarding, or simply swimming and enjoying the beautiful beaches of the Red Sea.

Let me know if you have a small group or a big group – we can adapt our kite incentive trip to your needs, and make it a memorable one. It’s one in a lifetime kite adventure, and I can promise a lot of fun and a lot of action.