Tawila Kite Spot

Tawila Kite Spot

Tawila island is considered by many to be the best kite spot in the Red Sea. A beautiful beach, turquoise waters, two lagoons and the open sea – plenty of space for riders of any level. The movement of the tides creates sandbanks that appear and disappear throughout the spot, making Tawila always a bit different and unique. Tawila one of the closest spot from Hurghada, so it is the logical choice for a start or for an end of a kite safari.


The wind is off-shore but stable (unless really windy, over 25 knots) – next to the beach there is a small wind shadow where a big wooden shed has been build. Nothing too serious, and most kiters won’t even notice it.


Advanced will love to kite close to the beach to perform stylish freestyle tricks and big airs (just make sure not to land where is too shallow). The wind shadow caused by the wooden shed will do create problems to the more demanding rider.

Intermediates will have a lot of space to kite and explore the different areas of this kite spot. It’s a true kitesurfing paradise, that won’t disappoint.

Students will have a separate area next to the main kiting lagoon, separated by a stretch of sand.

As always, if students and beginners drift and can’t come back to the beach, they will be rescued by our practical rescue boats.


At sunset Tawila is the perfect place for a bit of music and a beer. If the conditions are right (it’s not that windy), it’s also possible to have dinner right on the beach.


Tawila is the only kite spot that requires an extra fee to visit. We normally spend 1 and a half day in Tawila, and we always negotiate with the owner of the island the right price for our kiters – it’s typically 25USD per day and 35USD for a day and a half. The small fee requested, while unjustified (there is no service on the island apart from our beach boys and instructor), is absolutely worth it – Tawila is one of the best kitesurfing spot in the world, and for sure the most iconic in the Red Sea.