The Blank Kite Test – Our Kite Safari

The Blank Kite Test – Our Kite Safari

Just a quick article to post the youtube videos that Colin, Andrew and Youri made for what they called The Blank Kite test. They took 4 kites, with no visible branding, and they gave them to Youri Zoon, legendary dutch kitesurfer, to test them and give an honest review and opinion on which is for him the best kite gear. The fun part in fact is: he doesn’t know what he is kiting with (from here the idea of the blank test).

Another fun fact: we organized the whole trip for the guys, cause yeah, the blank test was done on one of our Kite Safari! All the spots and the kite action you will see in these videos are shot during our kite cruises – Youri was just one more of our guests on our yacht, and that week was one of our classic kite safari (ok, a little bit special cause we had a 2x world champion on board) – this means that we visited all the spots that we normally visit on a kite cruise, we had awesome wind and the boat was packed with kiters and friends.

I leave below the links to the video, check them out!

This is the Episode 1 of the Blank Test Kite
This is Episode 2
And the final episode 3!