Affordable & Cheap Kite Safari?

Affordable & Cheap Kite Safari?

What is the right price for a kite safari? Why some kite safari are more expensive than others? I try to explain here my thoughts on the difference price range that I constantly see online…

Let’s start from my trips. I try to make them at a reasonable price, cause I always think that a kitesurfing cruise plus a plane ticket (especially after Covid) is expensive. Keep in mind this is an all inclusive kite trip, with food and accommodation and a lot of kiting: but it’s still a 1000€ trip plus 500€ flights. For a week holiday this is for me the right price.

More expensive than that, I start having a problem. I see trips at 1500€ for example, and this can be explained as well of course:

1- The boat of a more expensive trip is usually better. But do we need a boat with a Jacuzzi and a sauna? I personally need a boat that is great looking & functional, with nice and cozy cabins with air-condition, and that reflects on the price I make.

2- Volume. The more weeks you spend at sea, the cheaper you can make a trip while not compromising on the quality. Is that simple, and I do a lot of weeks at sea every year, so I can keep my price a bit lower.

I would say 1000€ is the magic number: less than that I would need to compromise on the quality of the boat or on my team, and I don’t want to do that.

Hope to see you on board soon!