Sick Dog – The story behind the name

I got asked a lot where the name Sick Dog comes from…

A few years ago, I knew a guy named Steve, a nice guy, a little reserved, but overall a good guy, he didn’t hang out too much with us, but I could see him around on the beach pretty much every day.

One day I decided to organize a small party in what we used to call our Kite House, and I invited also Steve, pretty sure he would not be interested in coming. To my surprise, he told me he would come… The day of the party came, and later in the evening I got a message from Steve: “Sorry but I can’t make it, my dog is sick and I need to stay home and make sure he is ok…”. I thought it was a great excuse, and that become a joke – every time I didn’t want to do something, I simply said that my dog was sick (I had no dogs then), and that was it! And when we decided to make a kite brand and wanted to find a cool name, what better than Sick Dog?