Our Refund, Guaranteed

We know it is a complicated time for flying and travelling and in general to organize a trip, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to come in kite with us. And while we always need a 10% deposit to reserve your spot on a kitesurfing cruise, we will return your deposit in full in case you need to cancel your holiday due to Covid Restrictions (you can’t fly in Egypt or can’t fly out of your country) or in the unfortunate case you are sick. Not a voucher, we will send you back the money directly to your bank account or your paypal.

This is our guarantee, cause we know you want to kitesurf, but sometimes you just can’t come. And you will be welcome to join us in one of our kitesurfing cruses when you will be able to fly again – you can check our kite safari year plan and I’m sure you will find the perfect week for you!