Where to Kitesurf in February

Where to Kitesurf in February

Not a very different month than January, but let’s continue checking which are the best kitespots when Europe is cold. February is a good month to travel, is cheaper than the late December/begin January time, and it offers the same condition in terms of wind and warm weather, at least for the countries i’m going to mention here. It is still no time for kite safaris in Egypt, so this is the time of the year I recharge my batteries and do some training on my own. The number 1 spot is very predictable, and it is:


Still great spot in February (and spoiler alert, it will be on the list for March as well. Wind guaranteed, warmer than January and great vibes in town. A lot of waves but also flat waters if needed, and a lot of action in the water (but not too much, plenty of space for everyone). If you are chasing the best wave kiting spots in the world, you are in the right place: Ponta Preta and Ponta Leme just to mention two. I’m currently writing you from my favorite bar in Santa Maria, Cape Verde, so I promise I know what I’m talking about.


A pure flat spot, but way too crowded – I placed it second because it is loved by many of my friends, so I thought they may have a point even if I just don’t love it. Next time I will go to Philippines, I want to go back to Boracay but first head to the very famous wave spot called King Fisher – i’ve read it is very remote, but world class, and (maybe) worth the trip. Philippines is in fact hard to reach, and get prepared for some boat trip from islands to islands to reach any kite spots.


No surprise here, since Brazil is the homespot for many pro during winter – it’s warm, windy and fun (but not as fun as I was expecting the first time I went to Cumbuco for example). The condition for freestyle are awesome though, and you can do super long downwinder (that’s 100% on my to kite list).


Another awesome winter location, flat big large lagoon, sandy beaches, full moon parties – this is Paje Beach, a good mix between kiting (a lot) and Pina Coladas.