Where to kitesurf in October

Do you want to know which are the best kitesurfing destinations for October? With the European autumn incoming, most kiters need to think about new unusual destinations for October. Here I will list a few of my favorites – all I have to do is thinking where I’ve been in the past years in October, and I will have my list, is very simple…


This is easy for me, as I spend many months a year already in Egypt. October is a good month for kitesurfing here, one of the last months when you can get good winds. It is a great occasion to go on a kite safari, cause at sea the winds are much more stronger and reliable that by the coast. That’s why we always plan kite cruises during October – we are sure that many of you will be looking for a place to kite outside of Europe, and Egypt is not that far… Also it is worth mentioning that this year, with the COVID thing still going on, Egypt is anyway open for tourist.


I went in Le Morne a few years ago, the place is beautiful, but a bit of advice – go there at the begin of the month, cause the more you venture further into October, the less chance you have for wind. The best idea is to check the forecast and THEN book a flight, but this is not a luxury for everyone… Will this place be open despite the COVID issue? At the moment Mauritius is still unluckly in lockdown, but keep your eyes open…

3. Tarifa

Ok, I said no Europe, but I then realized that in Tarifa there is still action in October, so it is worth mentioning. It is also worth mentioning that is not at all one of my favorite spot, but I went in August when it was super crowded, so well, yeah, maybe I could try it again…

4. Cape Verde

Here the opposite of Le Morne – aim for the end of October, cause Cape Verde is a winter destination. And again, check the forecast, if you can, before flying – the destination in this case is the world famous Island of Sal. Also Cape Verde is though in strict lock down, i have a small flat there and as soon as the flights reopen I will go and chase some early winter waves (maybe even some october waves, if I get lucky).

5. Suggestions

I wanted to make a top 5 but then I realized I got short, if you have some ideas just mail me at info@sickdogsurf.com and explain to me why that particular spot is a great spot in October!