Where to kitesurf in October

If you clicked on this blog post, I’m going to assume you’re looking for the ideal spot to kite in October. Being the first month of the European autumn, most kiters will need to explore their options as the sea gets colder, but the wind stronger! Here’s a list of a few of my favorites – all I have to do is think about where I’ve been in the past Octobers, and surely I will have my list …


For me this is an easy one as I spend many months of the year in Egypt already. October is a good month for kitesurfing here, and is one of the last months you can experience good, consistent winds without the crowds. It’s a fantastic opportunity to go on a kite safari, as at sea the winds are much stronger and more consistent than by the coast. Hence why we always plan kite cruises during October – we are sure that many are looking for an escape from the incoming European winter, that last bit of sunshine and Egypt is just a stone throw away… It’s also worth mentioning that this year, with the COVID thing still going on, Egypt is open and ready for tourism.


I went to Le Morne a few Octobers ago. The place is beautiful, the locals are friendly, The rum is flowing…a bit of advice though – go there at the beginning of the month to avoid disappointment. As you creep closer to the end of October the wind becomes fickle and their season is coming to an end. The best way to do it of course, would be spontaneously. Check the forecast and jump on the next flight. Unfortunately, this isn’t a luxury that everyone has, but a good couple of weeks at this time of year should guarantee you some strong wind days. Will this place be open despite the COVID issue? At the moment Mauritius is still in lockdown but has announced its re-opening of borders to fully vaccinated travelers from October 1st! Watch this space


Ok, I said no spots in Europe, but then I realized that in Tarifa there is still action in October, so it’s definitely worth mentioning. It is also worth mentioning that it isn’t one of my favorite spots, but then again, I went in August when it was super crowded. Apparently the high season in Tarifa is limited to two spots where you are allowed to kite, this is possibly the reason it was packed. October is considered “mid season” so you can kite anywhere and the weather is still good. So well, yeah, maybe I could try it again…

Cape Verde

Here it’s the opposite of Le Morne, aim for the end of October because Cape Verde is a winter destination. Again, check the forecast if you can before flying. The destination in this case is the world famous Island of Sal. Cape Verde is finally open for tourism and a negative PCR will get you in. I have a small flat there and will probably head over for some winter waves (maybe even some October waves, if I get lucky).


I wanted to make a top 5 but then I realized I got short, if you have some ideas just mail me at info@sickdogsurf.com and explain to me why that particular spot is a great spot in October!