Kyte Cruise or Kite Cruise?

Just a short article, for just a curiosity. I’m getting more and more request for a Kyte Cruise in Egypt – as i’m sure 99% of you know already, the correct spelling is « Kite Cruise ». So KITE must be written with an « I » and not with a « Y ». That’s it, i’ve said it.

This is something typically of italian beginner kiters: in Italian in fact, if you would consider the word KITE as an italian word, you would pronounce the « I » as an « E », and the same would happen if you would read the word KYTE. From here the confusion – italians considering the word KITE as italian. But at the end of the day, a Kyte Cruise or a Kite Cruise is exactly the same thing: a kitesurfing (kytesurfing?) adventure 8 days 7 nights long in the warm waters of the Red Sea. So no surprise here.

Now that i’m writing this article, it does maybe make more sense if I would write another one in Italian. I will probably do that. From now on anyway, just for the purpose of this article, I will simply consider (wrongly) the word KITE as KYTE. So let’s go back to our kyte cruises (we call them Kyte Safaris). The idea of a Kyte Safari is to visit different spots, like we would do on a animal safari for example – instead of animals, we will be chasing winds and the best lagoons of the Red Sea, and we will have no tent but a luxury motoryacht as a hotel/restaurant/bar, the perfect base in between kite sessions. It’s a kytesurfing adventure, but a comfortable one, and one with a lot of kytesurfing.

Kyte Safaris are good for beginners/intermediates/advanced alike: if you think this kind of trip could be good for you, just contact us at or whatsapp me directly at +201009410388.

Hope to see you on board soon in one of our Kyte Cruises (ok last time I write Kyte this way, I promise).