South Geisum Kite Spot

South Geisum Kite Spot

One of our favorite Kite Spot during our Kite Safaris, South Geisum has a beautiful sandy beach to prepare our kite gear, and a big area open in deeper water (6 to 10m deeper), with a small shallow water lagoon closer to the beach and a small training area for students, separated by the rest of the kiters.

The wind is off-shore, very stable unless it’s over 25 knots – then it gets a bit gusty. It’s one of the Northest spot during our cruises, so it’s normally quite windy, also in a day where the wind is expected to be less on the coast. A bad windy day in Hurghada is always a good windy day in Geisum.

Intermediates and advanced riders will enjoy a lot this kite spot. If you stay closer to the beach, the water is super flat and the right place to practice your freestlye manouvers. For jumping, all you have to do is to stay a little bit further out – then you can jump in shallow and land in deep waters, is that simple.

Students area is small and separated by a stretch of sand from the main lagoon and the open sea. We always recommend to our student to wear watershoes – this is important cause there may be some unexpected small rocks around the training area, and if you get drifted too much downwind and you try to stand up, you will find rocks. So bring your watershoes (or buy them in Decathlon, it’s 10€), better be safe than sorry.

If students drift too much and end up in deep water, our rescue boats are ready for the rescue, in case of problems, included in the price.

At night if the conditions and the mood is right, we make a small bonfire on the beach, a drink, some music and some fun in one of the wildest and quietest places in the Red Sea.

It’s a great kite spot, usually the first spot we visit during our kitesurfing cruises.