Where to Kitesurf in April

Where to Kitesurf in April

I know it’s May already, but I guessed it is a good time to recap my April and what I did and kited this April. I will in my list add for the moment 2 locations only, cause it’s the two that i’m really familiar with. I’m sure that there are a lot of spots that are working right now in Europe (Sardinia? Tarifa?) – but I never checked them in April, so I can’t really reccommend them. And I like to reccommend only what I try. Number 1 is predictable, number 2 will be a surprise.


Egypt is my number 1 destination for kitesurfing in April, and that’s when I start my kitesurfing safari every year. That’s also the reason why it took me a while to write this post – it was an action packed trip, with a lot of fun, kite, and things to do (from my side, that I organize the trip from A to Z). We got awesome conditions, and for the first time we used all my kites in my set, from 5.5m Buzz to 15m Juice. We had 30 knots days and 12 knots days… It was an intense fun week and the trip was a big success.

Cape Verde

That’s why after that trip, I decided I deserved a bit of holiday, I checked the forecast and scored awesome end of April sessions in Cape Verde, Santa Maria island. It’s the end of the season there, so you need to keep an eye on the forecast before buying your flights – but if everything looks ok, you should be heading to Santa Maria without any hesitation. You won’t be disappointed.

While in May I will be busy in Egypt (but expect an article on « Where to kitesurf in May »), I hope to travel in June and July for kite and fun, so that I will have more destinations to add to my list!

See you on the water (or on board if you come to one of my kite cruises)